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Heather Chrystie

Heather ChrystieBorn in England, Heather fell in love with Canada when she first visited the vast country at age 18. Since then, Canada’s wilderness, wildlife and endless exploration possibilities have regularly drawn her back.

Raised to appreciate nature, Heather and her family spent long weekends sailing the Devonshire coast and camping in Wales and France on extended summer holidays. Early on, mountain climbing became an important aspect of her life, so she began making choices that enabled her to live in the mountains. In Canada, mountains mean bears and it wasn’t long before Heather became enamored with these majestic creatures. Heather devoured every text about bears that she could find and started guiding nature tours in grizzly bear country.

Though she’s always been fascinated by the natural world, Heather’s degree in Physical Geography (aka Earth Sciences) solidified her understanding of natural processes and habitats. A believer in the idea that we are never finished accumulating knowledge, Heather has been lucky enough to learn from many skilled, passionate naturalists and experts all over the world, and she considers every day as a chance to discover something new.

While working as a full-time guide during the summer, Heather divides her time between the Canadian Rockies and Churchill. Utilizing her skills as a certified hiking guide and qualified interpretive guide, she leads groups on a variety of adventure trips, educational eco-tours and wildlife viewing excursions.

Heather brings her years of experience and wealth of knowledge to her work guiding polar bear tours for Nat Hab. She seeks to foster positivity in everyone who travels with her and aims to send guests home feeling awed, inspired and with a greater understanding of the intricacies of the natural world.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys discovering new foods, skiing and exploring new mountains. An intrepid traveler, Heather embraces opportunities for adventure, including skiing in places as far afield as Kashmir (the Indian Himalaya), Georgia (the country) and Svalbard.

Upcoming Adventures with Heather:
Polar Bears of Churchill
Northern Lights & Arctic Cultures
'Round Iceland

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

Y. Han
Heather was absolutely a gem. She is extremely strong in so many important areas... communication; both breadth and depth of knowledge in areas of geography, topography, history, polar bears' physiology, behaviors, biology (mating; physicality; seasonal fidelity). She was able to pack a lot of great knowledge in a few minutes time, without overwhelming us, without being pedantic, or boring us. She was clear, concise, and yet gave enough texture to her explanations that you can remember what she shared. That takes true talent... it is as if she is a 'lecture whisperer." Heather was also incredibly on top of things: she ran a well-greased machine in her ability to move us from event to event without ever making us feel rushed, and also sprinkling joy, fun and adventure. She was able to convey our schedule in clear concise manner. Rarely did she ever have to repeat herself. Do you know the talent it takes for a person to convey information in ways that everyone understands it?? When there were slight changes, she was upbeat, optimistic, and unflappable. Her passion, enthusiasm, and joy to her work, and to her topic were so evident. Yet she was able to convey her love in ways that didn't feel too over the top, too overwhelming. She was excellent with every single one of us. Attentive, sensitive, responsive, curious about us without being nosy. Respectful of our needs and our questions. Most of all... she was exceptional in her "soft-skills". Her ability to move in and out with each of us; intuition, and sensitivity, etc...It was an absolute pleasure to have her as our daily guide. And in fact, I do feel she contributed significantly to my greater appreciation and respect to the Polar Bears; the tundra life; Churchill.... and most of all igniting my curiosity to all of this. I am tempted to go to another Polar Bear Adventure and taking my family this time, if I could guarantee getting Heather again. She is a KEEPER. I hope you will be able to persuade her to stay around for a LONG time."

S. Crutchfie
"I have been on many expeditions in my life and weI can say that Heather was the most attentive to all travelers, courteous, helpful, and traveler safety then all of the expedition leaders we have ever had with any company."

E. Blum

"Heather Christie is a rare and valued find for Nat Hab. She delivers her knowledge with great enthusiasm and passion. She is a remarkably mature young woman and has great people skills."

J. Miller
"Heather is an asset to Nat Hab for her level of knowledge, passion and communication to make our trip unbelievably smooth and hassle free. She was a pleasure to spend the trip with, and I come away a more educated guest because of her commitment to her craft."

W. Anthony
"Heather exhibited a genuine enthusiasm ALL the time. She never seemed to get tired...ever. We loved her knowledge and ability to express that to all of us. We learned much more than I expected thanks to her."

N. Pauls

"Heather is everything I want in a guide. She is extremely knowledgable and a subject matter expert. She is also able to convey her knowledge in an easily understood way. She is always cheerful and accommodating."

K. Shea
"Heather is an amazing guide. Wonderful combination of knowledge, organization and fun! I don’t often give perfect marks but she deserves them!"

D. Shea
"Heather was superb. I travel extensively and she is one of the best. Great combination of efficiency, enthusiasm and professionalism. Her upbeat attitude and smile are infectious."

L. Miles
"Heather was a fantastic leader. She looked after the group so well. Everybody liked her. She has great enthusiasm and love for what she does shines through. She was always smiling and telling us everything we asked of her. Nothing was too much trouble. I can't speak more highly of her."

J. Morgan
"Heather was amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and attentive to all travelers. This was my first time with Nat Hab. I’ll definitely use this company again and recommend it to my friends and family thanks to our guide. Excellent job, Heather."

V. Schnekenburger
"Heather was so personable, professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the trip. She was truly genuine and obviously enjoyed her work. She always did everything in her power to keep everyone satisfied."
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