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Harsha Jayaramaiah

Harsha is an enthusiastic naturalist who has worked as led the team at a top lodge in India where he was also in charge of training new naturalist guides. Widely traveled and an explorer by nature, Harsha enjoys identifying and understanding the behavior and habits of a wide range of Indian wildlife, including mammals, reptiles and birds. Harsha also leads birding and wildlife trips in tiger country, from India's central highlands to the foothills of Himalayas, as well as in the grasslands of Gujurat. His dream is to go birding over the entirety of India, to see as many birds as possible at a single stretch over several months, while hitchhiking his way around the country. Harsha's inquisitive nature, along with his eagerness to explore and learn, makes him a phenomenal naturalist who knows how to captivate guests' interests and keep them spellbound with his wildlife stories.

Upcoming Adventures with Harsha:
The Grand India Wildlife Adventure
India's Tigers & Wildlife: A Photo Safari
Sri Lanka Wildlife Safari
Natural Jewels of Bhutan & Nepal

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

P. Mahonchak

"Harsha is the best guide I've EVER had on any trip. Period. He always gave 100% to the group—I was dazzled. His knowledge, skill and patience are unparalleled. I could continue, but won't—just keep this guy in your company no matter what, please."

B. Herbst
"Harsha was very knowledgeable about animals and helped us get some great pictures. He also shared quite a bit about his culture, family and life in India, which we really appreciated."

M. Valerie
"Harsha was beyond a 10 in every way—his wonderful personality and sense of humor, his tremendous patience, his constant attention to our needs and comforts, and his willingness to go the extra mile for each individual. He was an encyclopedia of information, and every time he was asked a question he didn't know the answer to he was on his phone getting any details he could find. There were several of our trip members who have traveled extensively with groups who said he was the best guide they ever had."

M. Sixtus
"We have been traveling internationally on guided group adventures for many years with a variety of operators. Harsha was by far the absolute best guide we have experienced. His attention to detail, given the idiosyncratic nature of the group, his subject knowledge and his overall charisma made this one of our top trips ever."

B. Seevers
“Harsha was outstanding and an excellent example of Nat Hab standards. He was very helpful, supportive and understanding and good with people. He was very attuned to the group and a gracious host able to handle different personalities as well as all the business details. When he was in the same jeep as me, his knowledge of wildlife, environment and photography was evident. I found him to be an asset to the program.”

J. Seith
“Harsha was very good and consistent throughout, one of the best guides I've had anywhere. He had a good sense of humor, attention to detail and photo knowledge and managed the group well. I would travel with him again without hesitation.”

C. Tamasik
“Harsha was all of the things listed above and much more. He was very attentive and willing to work to help me get better pictures (which I did). He was always patient, kind, interested and also very knowledgeable about the animals and the area. He was one of the best guides I ever had on a Nat Hab trip.”

J. Harmon
“Harsha was FANTASTIC! He was totally professional and helpful, and yet he felt like a good friend right off the bat. He was funny and we always felt like everything was under control and safe. His briefings were always helpful and very accurate."

J. Dee
"We've been on many expedition-style trips, and, while we have been fortunate to have traveled with many excellent Expedition Leaders, not one has outperformed Harsha in any category. He is a treasure, and a real asset to Nat Hab."

B. Hauser
“Harsha was one of the best Expedition Leaders I have had mainly because he gave everyone equal attention. He didn't talk too much or too little, and his knowledge was excellent. I really enjoyed having him as our guide. He is a very competent, efficient and nice man."

C. Cameron
"Harsha is an outstanding Expedition Leader and a very fine gentleman with a great personality. I rate him far above a 10 in every way. He was very attentive and kind, making me feel comfortable and secure. He showed that he truly cared about us, the animals and the environment and took his guiding position seriously. When a fellow traveler fell ill, he handled the situation with utmost expertise. Harsha played a big role in making my trip so memorable!"

B. Wagner
"Harsha is an excellent Expedition Leader and a complete gentleman. He orchestrated a seamless and calm adventure. He also brings an excellent, balanced perspective on Indian culture and society along with his extensive naturalist knowledge."

R. Loiselle
"Harsha was an exceptional guide, teacher and person. He made sure that every traveler received his personal attention. If we asked a question that he did not immediately know the answer, he would research and give the correct answer within one day. Harsha is a kind and gentle person. He always has a smile and shows intense interest and care for every traveler. He is a expert birder and was able to help us see all the animals and plant life that we were interested in knowing about. He was able to help with the problems I experienced with my photographic equipment. Harsha has an excellent sense of humor and was able to ensure every traveler was comfortable with him. This trip was a good mix if personalities and I am sure any potential conflict was resolved or avoided by Harsha and his ability to manage people. I believe Harsha is an excellent guide and I would gladly travel with him again. Harsha makes it very easy to recommend Nat Hab. He is the kind of guide that makes a trip exceptional!"
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