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Giancarlo Toti

Giancarlo was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where he attended both primary and secondary school at the American School of Guayaquil. He studied industrial engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Guayaquil (ESPOL) and spent four years working for a CAT dealership before he was hired by the Charles Darwin Research Station to head the marine lab’s operations and logistics division. Since then, Giancarlo has become involved in several projects in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, spending hundreds of hours diving in its waters. Giancarlo was later accepted into latest naturalist guide training program offered by Galpagos National Park, which led to his position as an Expedition Leader with Nat Hab.

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Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

C. Carr

"Giancarlo allowed us to experience the beauty and magic of these islands. He is passionate about the Galapagos and its wildlife, and his temperament radiates the unique soul of this special place. I loved the reflective way he would thoughtfully respond to questions, whether about the particulars of a place or the unique behavior of certain animals. He loves the Galapagos, and that love helped to provide our group with a soulful connection to this place."

D. Byrd

"Giancarlo was warm and engaging, took his time and showed great interest in the tour, the animals, landscape and history. I most sincerely recommend him!"

S. Randolph
"Giancarlo is an excellent guide and is highly recommended. He is very knowledgeable on sea life and vegetation. He set a wonderful pace for the group—we never felt rushed and yet the 'trains ran on time'. He was great fun to be around and always kept us laughing."

T. Ricker
"In a word, Giancarlo is AWESOME! His knowledge and passion for his work are apparent. He seemed to approach each excursion with a level of enthusiasm that is contagious. He really takes joy in nature and his surroundings on the islands. He is able to impart his knowledge of all aspects of the Galapagos, from lava formations to the tiniest spiders. Details were not overlooked. I especially enjoyed snorkeling with him. He has a great eye for finding elusive and quick moving animals. He was also kind enough to share his amazing photos with us."

J. Clifford

"Giancarlo and Andres were amazing—they made the trip so special, informative and unique to our experience. They always went out of their way to find a teaching moment and share a story about what we were looking at. They went out of their way during snorkeling trips to find animals and sights to see. They also were extremely accommodating for our varied-ability group. They always helped and did so with a smile."

E. Hegelund
"Giancarlo was AMAZING. His knowledge about everything went beyond just the name of the item but the history, genus, mating practices, etc. I have never met a more informed person. He was stellar."

R. Colasacco
"Giancarlo's knowledge of all aspects of the Galapagos was truly impressive. But beyond this knowledge was the time he took to impart this knowledge to everyone on the tour, and his willingness to help everyone in every way to enjoy this adventure to the fullest. He is definitely an asset to Nat Hab and the Galapagos Islands."
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