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Francis Casapino

Born in Urubamba, Peru’s Sacred Valley, Francis has had personal contact with Andean highland communities and cultures throughout his life. As a nine-year old boy eager for adventure and exploration, he joined his father on hikes through the high mountains and high Amazon. This is when he started feeling connected to the land, to its remote local communities, indigenous people, archaeological sites and the wildlife he and his father would stumble upon in the wilderness.

Francis earned his tourism degree at the University of Cusco and spent his early professional years working as a naturalist park ranger in various Peruvian protected areas. This gave him an opportunity to absorb the landscapes firsthand, and launched him in the following years into embracing deeper investigations into geology, anthropology, history and nature—essential elements for interpretation of Peruvian and South American nature and culture.

Over years he has built up an intuitive, genuine and sincere approach for people and nature, and the relations between them. His passionate and inspiring soul enhances any visit to cultural sites such as Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

Francis is passionate about Andean anthropological studies, particularly native costumes, traditions and social customs. He also enjoys teaching and sharing with others his vast knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Andes and Amazon rain forest. His expert knowledge of his country, combined with his charm and enthusiasm, have made him an ideal Natural Habitat Expedition Leader in the remote areas of Peru’s Amazon and Andes since 2000.

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Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

D. Sylvester
"Francis was the BEST! He made the trip special, but more importantly, he has a gift in making each member of the group feel special. He provided insight and exposure to Peruvian culture that was 'off the beaten path' from what a tourist would get if they did not have Francis. He had the 'know how' and connections to bring the group to the historic sites at the right times so that I felt that I was the only one at places normally crowded with tourists. For example, at Machu Picchu, I have a picture of myself there where there are no people in the background. It was as if I was alone at that sacred site. Francis is charming, witty and bright with a strong command of the English language. He surely went above and beyond in his role as a guide where his skill, talent and compassion were demonstrated. He enhanced my trip. I am grateful and blessed to have had Francis as my guide to one of the most magical places in the world."

L. Geer
"Francis is an amazing leader, guide and ambassador of Peru. He made my trip both magical and adventurous. Francis' knowledge and style of presentation made me feel welcome and important. He made me fall in love with Peru and the people."

B. Hanson

"Francis was absolutely outstanding. When I said goodbye on the last day, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend, not just someone who was our host. Francis was professional, engaging, accommodating and just down right funny! He really made the trip a memorable one for us."

S. Joyce
"Francis was phenomenal. He was professional, courteous and really paid attention to our group and any questions we had. In my opinion, he was above and beyond any expectations I had and I think he is a huge asset to Nat Hab. If all of your guides are like him, I can't wait until my next trip!"

K. Bogart
"Francis was fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, fun, charming, patient, knowledgeable, darling and efficient, and he could dance! We LOVED HIM! I can't think of enough superlatives to describe Francis. He was unbelievably fun and made us all feel instantly 'at home' and 'part of his family'. It was incredible—his knowledge and passion for every subject made it easy to take it all in and enjoy every minute. Not to mention that without his patience and encouragement, I personally would never have made it halfway up Machu Picchu. I made it and it was so worth it! Thank you, Francis!"

C. Tamasik
"Francis is a gem. We loved him. He was unfailingly pleasant, helpful, courteous and respectful. He was very well-versed in the history of the area and seemed to have a rapport with many of the shop keepers, hotel people and restaurant staff, all of which made the trip run smoothly. He was fun too. Francis is the best guide I've ever had on a trip."

G. Syfert
"Francis was by far the best guide I have ever had on any trip! He was always the gentleman, kind, organized, humorous and a great sport when we played some tricks on him. He was very attentive and knowledgeable about the area and especially Machu Picchu. This was my dream trip and it far exceeded my expectations primarily because of Francis. He imparted details that I am sure no other tours received, he kept us away from crowds and he made sure that we had the time to absorb the spiritual aspect of Machu Picchu. Hold on to this guide—he is a gem. He is so humble and yet has so much to offer."
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