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Esteban Biamonte

Esteban Biamonte’s aim in life is nature preservation. Literally since his early youth he has been a nature lover, especially when it comes to birds. Nature was his passion long before he found out that such a field of study even existed. Now, years later, he is a biologist, finishing his Masters Degree in bird conservancy, a tour guide with 13 years experience certified by the Costa Rican Board of Tourism, and, of course, an inveterate naturalist. Extracurricular activities include travel, latin dancing, reading, and the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.

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Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

R. Komson

"Esteban is a superb guide. He is a knowledgeable, personable, professional, enthusiastic and attentive. He is a natural teacher and biologist. He did a great job. In addition to us, our 17-year-old son's appreciation of nature was greatly enhanced because of Esteban's vast knowledge of Costa Rican culture, plants, terrain, animals and birds in particular."

M. Murphy
"Estaban was absolutely the best guide I have ever had. He was an expert in spotting wildlife, and we even saw the reclusive resplendent quetzal thanks to him. Words don't describe how kind, thoughtful, considerate and professional he was with our group. He gave us a wonderful education on the history of the country and culture of Costa Rica. Everything was very well organized. Meals, tours, boat rides, plane rides and bus rides all went smoothly with no delays or problems thanks to Esteban. He explained our daily schedule in detail the night before and was always available for questions. I really can't think of anything that could have been improved upon. I hope you realize what a gem he is for your company!"

T. Beach

"Esteban is an outstanding guide. In addition to a very comfortable and easygoing personality, he really knows his birds! He was able to see them in the jungle and immediately identify them. He heard the various calls and could tell where to look and what to look for."

J. Feeney
"Estaban was wonderful in every way. His very gentle and calm manner was a delight every day. He found every animal possible and his knowledge of Costa Rican birds was excellent. He could not have been any better—we love him."

J. Logan
"Esteban is an exceptional guide! He was great at spotting, identifying and setting up the scope for the group to view a bird or animal that he spotted. In the cloud forest, our group and a few other people were in a viewing area seeking out a resplendent quetzal, and he was the first person to spot it and have his scope set up in the best spot. He also has a deep respect and knowledge about Costa Rica and is excited to share it. Esteban also loves nature and was able to infuse that in all of our activities. He truly made the trip memorable! When I return to Costa Rica again, I would want him to be my birding guide for sure!"

J. Mariott
"Wow! What a guide! He is SO knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. We learned so much about the interaction of various species in the different ecosystems we visited. We went on every walk, optional or not, as they were just so interesting. He was so nice, helpful and friendly. He found out-of-the-way cafes for us to sample local cuisines for lunches. The food was so delicious, the people were so nice and the environments were so lovely. We didn't have any problems, but, if we had, I'm sure Esteban would have handled anything with no trouble."

T. Hanson
"Esteban was a perfect match for our family. While we really enjoyed the adventure part of the trip (zip-lining, rafting, etc), we especially benefited from Esteban's expertise and environmental interpretation. I felt that we saw as much wildlife as was there to see—nothing escaped Esteban."

M. Kwintner
"Our guide was very knowledgeable and helpful, with a wonderful passion for his work and Costa Rica."
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