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Dushyant Singh

Dushyant’s passion for wildlife began when he was appointed as a management trainee at Tiger Tops Lodge in Chitwan, Nepal. Within 10 months he became the naturalist/manager of Tiger Tops Karnali Tented Camp. Finally he took over as the resident naturalist/manager at Karnali, where he was responsible for the overall management of both the lodge and tented camp. During his 6-year stint with Tiger Tops, he actively participated in conservation and the development of the national park. After leaving Karnali, Dushyant, as a freelance naturalist, began leading several wildlife/special interest tours in India and Nepal. Before joining Travel Inn in India, he worked as resident naturalist and manager at Baghvan Lodge in Pench National Park for two years. In addition to wildlife, Dushyant, a graduate in English literature, enjoys traveling, reading, cricket, soccer and horse riding. His wife teaches in a primary school and they have a young son. Dushyant is India Safaris & Tours Operations Manager and has been working with the company since 2006.

Upcoming Adventures with Dushyant:
The Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

C. Monaco
“Dushyant was such a pleasure to travel with! He was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and Indian culture. He answered my numerous detailed questions about all things India, including wildlife, patiently and thoughtfully—he clearly has a great deal of expertise. He also managed all of the logistics perfectly. I especially enjoyed his stories about working in the nature reserves.”

W. Agee
"We are well traveled with a number of travel groups. By far, Dushyant was the best Expedition Leader we have experienced. He has an engaging personality, is level headed under all conditions, fair in his treatment of all travelers, highly knowledgeable, very organized and extremely competent. We have no suggestions for any improvements."

P. Bril
"We can't say enough good things about Dushyant. We feel very privileged to have had him as our Expedition Leader. It is difficult to imagine a better leader. He is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of guiding expeditions. Plus, his passion for his country, its people and its wildlife is infectious. Even when there were logistical glitches (not of his causing), he remained calm and efficiently constructive in solving problems. In fact, nearly every one in the group had an extraordinary need of one thing or another (forgetting an item somewhere or requiring an ATM, etc.), which he effectively accommodated on top of dealing with the myriad details involved in keeping the expedition running smoothly. He made Herculean (and ultimately successful) efforts to be sure we saw a tiger up close. He was always available to answer questions, solve problems and impart insightful information. His sense of humor and caring nature (for example, he made sure one guest's birthday was appropriately recognized with a cake and roses) were always apparent, even when he might have had every reason to be tired. Nat Hab is very fortunate to have Dushyant as their 'man in Delhi.'"

M. Smith
"What a blessing to have Dushyant as our guide. His service, orchestration and attentiveness were amazing. The trip was flawless. There was never a moment of doubt that we were having the best experiences possible."

H. Gainley
“Dushyant was always there for us and took care of all the things that detract from traveling, like tips and baggage. He knows his country well."

M. Graham
“Dushyant was GREAT! He was extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife—tigers, elephants, birds, etc. He was very helpful to me as a vegetarian, to let me know what I should and shouldn't eat. He really tried to make sure that everyone had a great time."

N. Mueller
“Dushyant was a fantastic guide. He was personable, professional, interested, thorough and a really nice person."

R. Zamarin
"We have taken over 25 small group trips in the last 12 years, and have had excellent guides, but none better than Dushyant. His personality and quiet demeanor in solving things seamlessly helped make the trip the best it possibly could be, all at no effort or concern to us as travelers."

J. Turner
"I would love to travel with Dushyant again. He combines really good tour leadership skills with his knowledge of the parks and animals. He is one of, if not the best, Expedition Leaders."

K. Egloff
"Dushyant was extraordinary. His knowledge of conservation and wildlife was impressive. It is hard to imagine a more knowledgeable and experienced Expedition Leader. He is a star in every aspect. His presentation on WWF was spot-on as he explained his own 'WWF story' and the importance of wildlife corridors in protecting tigers in India. He was adored by the group and highly respected by the local guides."
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