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Brooks Kamanakao

Not every guide can claim to have been born in the bush he now guides in, but Brooks can. He grew up in the small village of Motopi, on the banks of the then-flowing Boteti River, one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta. Belonging to the Bayei tribe (the people who introduced poled mokoro boats to the Okavango Delta), Brooks had a fascination with Botswana’s wild areas from a young age. Determined to pursue tourism as his vocation, he began his as a barman/ waiter. His real interest was in the wilds of the bush, though, and he soon managed to move into the position of tracker, which he pursued for a year before passing his guide course in 2000. Since then, Brooks has developed his bush knowledge and fine-tuned his guiding skills working at premier camps like Kings Pool and Mombo. Brooks’ combination of superlative bush knowledge, friendly hosting and special interests in astronomy, birding and the diverse cultures of Botswana, make him a very popular guide, often requested for private safaris.

Upcoming Adventures with Brooks:
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Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

C. Adams
"Brooks has got to be one of the finest guides in Africa, and we were privileged to have him. He is not only at the top of his profession, he is a truly remarkable human being, a very special person."

S. Morro
"Collectively my family took over 3000 photograph. While there are wonderful memories in those photos, there are two things that photos cannot capture - Brook's passion and persistence. Passion for Botswana and its culture. Passion for his job and maintenance of high standards. Passion for the bush and its preservation for future generations. Persistance - He never rested. He was relentless in pursuit of wild life. His skills as a tracker and his acute sight and hearing continually amazed us and resulted in encounters with wildlife that exceed expectations every day. While our paths are not likely to cross again, I will forever think of Brooks when I see an animal track, hear an animal call, or bird sing. He is an incredible person."

T. Hall
"There cannot possibly be a better guide anywhere than Brooks. He put our safety first-and our comfort and pleasure. His knowlege of everything is superior and beyond our expectation s. His language skills and ability to communicate was superb. He showed us photos from books to be sure we knew what animal or bird looked like and as we saw things again....we all knew, even the birds, on sight! Dealing with a group with 'different personalities' is challenging and he did an excellent job at that. He was always extremely helpful-and had a good sense of humor. We cannot say enough about Brooks, the person and the guide!!! What an asset to Nat Hab."

A. Quick
"Several people along the way told us how lucky we were to have Brooks as our guide and we learned quickly how true that was. His ability to manage people, his excellent knowledge, his enthusiasm, his willingness to go out of his way to help with any issues clients are having, his sense of humor, etc etc. If I were to return to Botswana, I would definitely want to have him as a guide again! I have always been impressed with the quality of guides Nat Hab uses, but Brooks ranks right up there at the top!"

M. O'Hare
"I can't say enough good things about Brooks. This was my first safari. I was traveling alone and did not know the other guests. However, they were experienced and knew each other. Brooks went above and beyond to insure that I was included. He spent considerable time and effort making sure I saw the animals and that everything was okay. His knowledge and skills (tracking etc) are exceptional. His passion for his job is evident and he is extremely good at it. Brooks is a great asset to your organization."

G. Block
"I rarely if ever write service or personal reviews for businesses or individuals but after returning from a Natural Habitat African safari trip, I feel compelled to do so regarding one of your employees, Brooks Kamanakao. Although this was my family’s first trip to Africa and as such I have nothing to compare him to, I cannot imagine a better experience than Brooks provided. Brooks provided that rare combination of attentiveness, expertise and genuine enthusiasm for his work that is so hare to find in service businesses these days. His bush knowledge never ceased to amaze us whether he was talking about the “big 5”, the “little 5” or something as subtle as the marks left by the spines of a porcupine in the sand. His enthusiastic personality could be seen in every thing he did-whether it was reviewing different animal tracks, quizzing us on the names of different species of trees or the excitement we heard in his voice when he was hot on the heels of a wild dog hunt. I still cannot understand how he can identify animals in the distance with his naked eye that I can barely ID with my binoculars! Brooks also should be commended for his understanding that many of us have “bucket lists” of animals we want to see. He always tried to fulfill these requests and he also was cognizant of the fact that photographing these animals is an important part of the safari experience. On numerous occasions he not only deftly found these animals but he would then reposition the safari vehicle to improve the lighting conditions for our pictures. He was also kind enough to show us some of his own amazing photography that he has obtained over his years in the bush. please realize what an incredible employee and asset Brooks is to your company. If we ever take another trip to Botswana we will not hesitate to use Natural Habitat again and we will almost certainly insist that Brooks once again be our guide."

L. MacPherson
"We were so happy with Brooks as our expedition leader! He was so knowledgeable in all areas and very professional, but with a sense of humor and a great laugh! My kids were very sad to leave, especially my son. Brooks was great with the kids, joking with them and teaching them new games. If he ever decides to lead any other expeditions in Africa, ( gorillas, specifically), we would seek him out as our guide."

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