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Anne Schuschke

Anne grew up close to Glacier National Park in northwest Montana. She spent summers at her family cabin, tromping through the woods and playing in creeks, keenly focused on building forts, making mud pies and searching for interesting creatures. No rock was left unturned. She has always been a collector of beautiful nature specimens—rocks, feathers, pressed flowers, you name it.

Anne had her first formative Glacier experience while in high school. She climbed her first mountain and was hooked. That was the moment she knew where she wanted to spend the rest of her life. And she didn't stray far. Attending the University of Montana, Missoula, her path of studies was as winding as the trails she explored: biology, ecology, geology, fine art, organic farming… During the summers she worked in the national park as a captain on historic boats. Teaching people about her home state and the landscape she treasured eventually prompted Ann to pursue a teaching career. She graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in education and heaps of extra credits.

Her love of mountainous landscapes drew Anne to Alaska, where she worked as a seasonal naturalist in Denali National Park. But Glacier was home. She returned to work as a winter education ranger in Glacier, leading school snowshoe trips and ecology lessons in the park. Now she spends her summers guiding Nat Hab travelers through this magnificent ecosystem. In July 2019, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock appointed Anne to a new 18-member Grizzly Bear Advisory Council, designed by executive order to facilitate a statewide discussion on long-term grizzly bear management and conservation. In her free time, you can find her backcountry snowboarding, rock climbing, splitting firewood, traveling, mountain climbing or playing in her garden.

Upcoming Adventures with Anne: 
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Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

R. Culbert
“We would give Anne a 15 out of 10. She was kind, thoughtful, upbeat, friendly and informative. She made our trip 10 times more fun than we could have ever imagined. Anne is a tremendous asset and ambassador to your company.”

G. Hartley
“Anne was an excellent Expedition Leader! She is very knowledgeable about wildlife on the tundra, which dramatically enhanced our experience. She is obviously passionate about what she does, which is evident in her guiding. Her listening skills and sense of humor were warmly welcomed on this trip.”

C. Pannone
“Anne was well organized, cheerful and polite. We found that she treated everyone equally and respectfully. She was very pleasant on our trip, and we enjoyed having her as a guide. She did a great job!”

B. Westrum
“Anne was everything I would expect in an Expedition Leader and more. She was exemplary when I saw her handle unforeseen challenges. Her excellence was evident in transferring the group to and from Winnipeg. She stood out as an exceptional guide and would always answer questions in a professional manner.”

G. Hess
“Anne was always alert to everything around her, which was tremendously helpful on our adventure. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about polar bears, and we really appreciated all of the information she shared. It was clear that she really enjoyed her job!”
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