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Alexander Arias

Originally educated as a computer scientist, Alex’s love for the outdoors eventually lured him into his current career as a professional naturalist guide. Since 1995, he has been introducing guests to the natural splendors of his homeland of Costa Rica and has received certifications from the Costa Rica Tourism Institute and the National Institute of Biodiversity. Today, he is one of Nat Hab's top naturalist guides as well as our Costa Rica Photo Expedition Leader.

Alex's passion for nature and desire to share his local knowledge have aligned in his complementary vocation as an accomplished wildlife photographer. For more than a decade,  Alex has been shooting animals and birds in the varied habitats of Costa Rica and beyond. He enjoys sharing his expertise with his guests, to help them get the best possible nature photos during their travel adventures. In his free time, he can be found birding, biking, kayaking, exploring new trails or rappelling down waterfalls. You'll also find him capturing and processing wildlife images for his photography website. Alex is also involved with various conservation projects in his homeland, improving restorations of natural habitats following unsustainable farming practices.

Upcoming Adventures with Alex:
Natural Jewels of Costa Rica
Costa Rica Wilderness Explorer
Costa Rica Wilderness Explorer Photo Adventure

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

J. McDonough
"Alex is amazing and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. He went out of his way to try to find the animals and birds we all wanted to see, including a resplendent quetzal. He understands photography and helped us all take better photos. I didn't think I would ever be on a trip that rivals an African safari, but with Alex, this week in Costa Rica did."

D. Hill
"We could not have asked for a better trip leader than Alex. I was incredibly impressed by his knowledge, his patience, his organizational skills and his people management abilities. His enthusiasm was infectious. He was always willing to answer any question or resolve any issue. I felt totally confident in his judgment and safe under his oversight. His warm personality was an added bonus. I noted that Alex was very attuned to mentoring the young men who he chooses to use as his assistants. You could see him working to develop and hone their skills, while treating them with respect as colleagues. I also noted Alex's collegial interaction with guides whose paths we crossed in Monte Verde. Alex is clearly a wonderful and committed mentor and has the respect of his fellow guides and tourism professionals. He gets an A+ in every aspect!"

H. Epstein

“Alex was knowledgeable, personable and has a great sense of humor. He engaged every individual in our family and on the trip, paying attention to everyone’s needs, likes and dislikes. He knew an amazing amount about Costa Rican history, geography, economy and of course flora and fauna.”

B. Fortney
"Alex was a wonderful guide. He was so informed about everything and tried so hard to find the most amazing things. This was a trip I will never forget because of him."

T. Kepford
"The blend of Alex's expertise, charm and love for his country made our first Nat Hab trip an experience we won't forget. He is a real treasure and ambassador for the preservation of our natural world."

J. Biern
"Alex was superb! He is a kind, warm, helpful individual. He is the absolute best, no question. When our suitcase tumbled into the ocean when leaving Casa Corcovado—an accident—he made sure clothes were laundered and meds replaced. Our hero! When fellow travelers wanted snacks, he loaded the bus with delicious food. Photography questions? Alex was extremely helpful. I can't say enough about him."

C. Sheffield
“Alex is a wonderful guide! He is always willing to give us his time. He is easy-going, friendly and really knows his birds.”

A. Elliot
"I cannot say enough good things about Alex. He was so knowledgeable and so patient with us, even when we asked the same question many times. His own enthusiasm about the birds, animals and conservation matters was fun and inspirational to see and hear! He was also efficient and organized, making sure that we were on time and in the right places. At the same time, he managed to be laid back and allow latitude when appropriate."

R. Kinstler
"Alex is an excellent guide, very aware of our interests and willing to make changes to meet our needs. His sense of humor and good nature added greatly to my enjoyment of the trip."

J. Mazzone
"We loved Alex. He was very patient with all of us. I felt he gave each of us the individual attention and help that we asked for. Alex had a great sense of humor, and his knowledge of birds, plants, geology, history and the local culture was amazing. I felt like he tailored the trip to each of us."

B. Gent
"Alex was an excellent Expedition Leader who deserves top marks in all the categories. No task was beneath him and he was always kind, courteous, considerate and respectful. He is another Nat Hab asset."

J. Bruckman
"Alex is a true asset to Nat Hab. He has every aspect that makes a great leader. I felt he was the best from our first meeting. He became our friend during the trip, and is truly an outstanding person."
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