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Alex Mazuga

Alex was born in the Chobe region of northern Botswana, living a nomadic life with his family from the time he was 3 years old, traveling along the Linyanti River toward Lake Liambezi in search of rich cattle-grazing land and fertile soil to grow crops. He counts himself fortunate to have lived on this landscape as a young boy, experiencing Botswana’s wild places while his father taught him animal tracking skills, medicinal uses for local trees and how to survive in the bush. During his rural childhood, Alex rarely spent time indoors, preferring to remain outside in the fields and exploring the bush with his father and brothers. These experiences fostered his lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation.

Alex obtained his professional guiding license in 1999 has been leading safaris in Botswana since. He spent four years as an official guide in Chobe National Park before working his way up from safari guide to camp manager in the Linyanti and Okavango Delta after completing a management training program. Guiding remains his passion, however, and he is highly accomplished in sharing his extensive knowledge of the bush and its wild residents, whether from vehicle, boat, mokoro (traditional dugout canoe of the delta) or on foot. He especially enjoys guiding safaris where children are present, seeking to leave them with life-shaping memories. 

Alex is an avid wildlife photographer who enjoys sharing his technical and artistic expertise with his guests. His work took first prize in a global photography competition, and he has presented his images to an international audience in South Africa. He believes his expertise in guiding and photography play an active role in helping to conserve Africa’s best wildlife areas through spreading awareness and enthusiasm to others. Alex has also traveled in Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Though he has yet to travel beyond the African continent, he hopes to do so one day.

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

D. Elwood
"I can't say enough in praise of Alex's skills, talents and aptitude as an Expedition Leader. He is extra-extraordinary. He receives our full marks. Alex exceeded our expectations in every dimension. I would be honored to consider him a friend and colleague. Any time we reengage with Nat Hab in Africa, we want him with us. What an amazing asset you have in him."

K. O'Brien
"Alex made this trip truly exceptional. We couldn't imagine having a guide who was more knowledgeable. We were intrigued by his childhood and asked him many questions about growing up in Botswana and his a nomadic lifestyle with his parents. It added immeasurably to our experience. Alex has a charisma, sense of humor and leadership style that we all appreciated."

B. Davis
"I have traveled quite a bit and have experienced many guides. However, Alex was the best guide I have ever had. I say this because his degree of knowledge was truly outstanding. Not only did he know every animal behavior and could outline exactly what each animal was going to do before they actually did it, but he knew every single bird and could identify all vegetation. To put it simply, he was amazing. He was fun to be with, very attentive and always had our health and safety in mind. He made the trip most enjoyable. He is a definite asset to Nat Hab. You only meet people (or work with people) like this a few times in your lifetime. But when you do you immediately recognize their talents and their contribution."

L. Pique
"Alex went out of his way to keep us safe. His tracking abilities were amazing along with his knowledge of animal behavior. When it came to driving, he maneuvered the vehicles through unbelievable terrain without ever losing his smile. Alex was excellent all around."

B. Johnson
"I can't begin to express my appreciation for Alex. I have never worked with anyone who is this knowledge, professional, outgoing, friendly and fun! You can tell how well he gets along with staff every time he walks into a camp. I never want to go to Africa again without him!"

I. Brown

"Alex was fantastic and I was very pleased. If I would have the opportunity to do another safari, I would request Alex as the Expedition Leader."

H. Bing
"Alex was amazing, and we can not praise him enough. He willingly shared his knowledge of the animals, where to find them, how to interpret their tracks and droppings, and answered all our many questions with patience and genuine enthusiasm. His uncanny eyesight and ability to spot and identify animals that we could barely see was very impressive! It is our hope to return to Botswana and if so we would love to have Alex as our guide again."

M. Currie
"Alex was good all the way. He was confident and familiar with the surroundings and made us feel safe while still enjoying the adventure."

D. Dotlich

"We had an outstanding, world-class experience, of which 90% was due to Alex's capability and competence as an Expedition Leader. He is knowledgeable of the bush; extremely smart; able to spot and find animals; has an intuitive grasp of animal behavior; knows the history and sociology of Botswana (and is proud of his country) and is also a kind, gentle and fun human being. After nine days, we loved him even more. He never made a misstep, answered every single question with patience and honesty and made the whole trip fun and engaging. He also gave an overview of what was coming, constantly emphasized safety and treated everyone with respect and kindness. Amazingly, Alex is also a photographer, so was able to assist other guests with cameras, set up just the right shot and consider perspective and lighting. What a gem. We will definitely want another Nat Hab trip with Alex."

L. Knopp
"I can't say enough good things about Alex, our guide. His knowledge and ability to track animals was incredible. He is such a compassionate person also. He took care of all the details so meticulously when we were to traveling to a new location. He taught us so much about the culture, people and animals of Botswana. He was always patient and kind and helped us to love the whole adventure. What a fabulous guide you have! Thanks for providing such excellent guides on all of your trips."

M. McManus
"I can't imagine a better guide than Alex. His knowledge is expansive and he shared it with us in the most professional yet understandable way. He is always patient with everyone and willing to answer any question, even when he's been asked the same question twenty times. His photographic expertise allowed all of us amateurs to take amazing photos. Nat Hab is lucky to have him. If I traveled to Africa again I would want Alex as my guide."

T. Hanke

"Alex was an amazing guide. His ability to share his knowledge of the birds, animals and the area could be rated at a 20 on a 10 point scale. He related to all the guests, had a wonderful sensor humor and shared his excitement and pride about his homeland. I can't say enough about Alex! He brought this trip to a level that exceeded all my expectations."

C. Halberg
"I can't think of a superlative that adequately describes Alex's leadership for this expedition. I have been on many trips, and he is absolutely the best leader I have encountered. He is so knowledgeable, considerate, communicative and funny. His depth of knowledge is amazing and something he apparently learned in large part growing up in a nomadic family. He is simply the best."
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