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Aditya Dev

Aditya manages guiding operations for Nat Hab guests in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan and loves to share the entrancing natural beauty and serene culture of this small country with his guests. Aditya has guided nature tours across Bhutan, Nepal and India, and it was in the latter where he got his start. With a degree in science and a passion for adventure, Aditya began his career in the hospitality and travel industry 20 years ago, running a wildlife camp at Bhitarkanika National Park in Orissa. He then went on to spend a further eight years in India’s premier national park as a naturalist guide and lodge manager. Aditya has guided nature tours across the Indian subcontinent and enjoys crafting unique and interesting experiences for his guests. He has also assisted the BBC Natural History Unit on a 3-part series on tigers.

Upcoming Adventures with Aditya:
The Grand India Wildlife Adventure
India's Tigers & Wildlife: A Photo Safari
Natural Jewels of Bhutan & Nepal

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

J. Popatia
"We have always had outstanding Expedition Leaders in our previous five trips with NatHab, and Aditya met our expectation one hundred percent. He was very friendly, solicitous and approachable. He was always helpful, looking out for our needs at all times. When he realized some of us were not up to snuff in photography, he went out of his way to spend an afternoon giving individual lessons in how to get the best pictures with our cameras. Above all he was a very knowledgeable naturalist which made the trip to the tiger reserve all the more interesting. Many kudos to him."

C. Nogy
"Adi's leadership was superb! He was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and provided helpful education about existing threats and conservation efforts unique to the Bengal Tigers. Adi was also very courteous and professional throughout the journey. He anticipated and fulfilled every need of each traveler. His guidance absolutely added to the experience. Well done!"
L. Haehnle
"Dev made this taste of India a fascinating adventure. His knowledge, expertise and communication provided such insight into the culture, the people, the transportation modes, the issues, daily living, and maximizing the Ranthambore experience."

E. Freudenburg 
"Traveling with Aditya in both Satpura and Ranthambore National Parks was like traveling with a friend in India. He was so enthusiastic about finding wildlife for me to photograph that he and our Satpura naturalist (David) took me on an expedition 40km into the park where we discovered a male tiger than no one had ever seen. Aditya is an exceptional Nat Hab guide."

N. Brown
"You could never find a better expedition leader than Aditya. He exhibits a very rare combination of knowledge, organizational ability and a keen insight into how to treat people. He was consistently funny, helpful, encouraging and adept at solving even the smallest problem. Natural Habitat is very fortunate to have someone of Aditya's ability to serve as a company representative for this particular trip. He was, in short, outstanding."

B. Berger
""A.D. " as we called him was wonderful. Very knowledgeable about the wildlife & nature but also very interesting as far as educating us to Indian culture & history. Our trip due to him was a far more balanced trip in terms of nature , history & culture. His personality blended all the members of the group together. Very caring person. Very professional also. And always ready to help - never flustered or angry or impatient. But the most important thing - you could see - he loves what he is doing- being with different kinds of people, nature & showing them his beautiful country of India!"

R. Anderson
"Extremely knowledgeable and committed. Solicitous of every group member. A wonderful guide."

J. Tomlinson 
"Dev was above and beyond. He was able to read every one of us, know our needs and was always one step ahead. He was so knowledgeable, great speaking voice, always a smile, a sense of humor and a pleasure to have as our guide."

M. Greenfield
"Dev should be your trainer for all leaders and hotel/logistics managers. There was nothing that he didn't pay special attention to, including staying up most of the night to secure good airplane seats for our trip past Everest. It was a diverse group and he handled variations in temperament/ability/interest with grace and humor. We have always had good leaders, but none of this caliber."

K. Johnson
"Aditya was so thoughtful and attentive and just a pleasure to be around. It was like being with a friend. I would definitely like to participate in a travel adventure with him again someday."
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