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Aaron Bott

A Utah native, Aaron Bott was raised in an active outdoor recreation environment. Fly fishing, rock climbing and hiking across pristine backcountry nurtured an enduring love for wild country. Aaron has deep roots in the American West. As Mormon pioneers, his family settled in the Rockies in the mid-1800s and never left. Growing up between Yellowstone’s high country and Utah’s red deserts, Aaron has worked outdoors his entire life, employed as a wilderness guide as well as a wrangler and a farmer. Along with his professional training, he adds the charismatic flair of a local’s knowledge to enlighten his guests about the areas he guides in and loves so well. Aaron has extensive experience as a naturalist, interpretive wildlife specialist and backcountry wilderness guide. His expertise includes the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem and the Colorado Plateau. His knowledge of these regions is exceptional, and his skills as a communicator and educator create memorable experiences for his guests. 

Currently a graduate student at Utah State University, Aaron is studying wildlife biology and large carnivore management and conservation. He is keenly aware of the complex bio-politics surrounding predator species such as wolves, grizzlies and cougars. It is his ambition to educate the public and help integrate better science with policies in a mode that will preserve North American megafauna for centuries to come. Aaron lives with his wife and son in Utah.

Upcoming Adventures with Aaron:
Canyons of the American Southwest
Glacier & Waterton: An International Treasure
Yellowstone: Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

C. Pflasterer

"His interest in and knowledge of the natural world was evident from the beginning. He was so well-versed in any area and had a natural ability to share his knowledge at a level understood by whomever he was communicating with. If a question was asked by someone in the group, he would later share a little more knowledge individually to make sure they received just what they were looking for. He has an easy, considerate manner with each traveler and got to know everyone as an individual; not always an easy task. His knowledge in every area was outstanding. Your title "in-training" is certainly misleading as this young man is certainly capable of leading any type of naturalist trip with ease. In several areas, I would consider his knowledge on the level of a college professor; i.e. the environment and trees, which I think he should be publishing. He is well equipped by his previous experiences for an y back-country adventures as well as transferring knowledge of the naturalist world to those of us not as familiar with each aspect of that world. It was, indeed, a pleasure to have him on this trip and to learn from him."

T. Peterson
"Aaron is very knowledgeable on so many subjects! His botanical background is especially strong, but he is also strong in literary, historical, biological, zoological, climatological, geological and astronomical discussions/explanations. His passion for the area and for being a naturalist guide are infectious. We all came away knowing a lot more than we did before and can identify different types of trees, flowers, rock, and animals. NatHab should make sure you don't lose him!"

J. Carter

"I'd give Aaron more than a 10 in some of these categories, especially subject knowledge. But he also was amazing in responding to difficulties some of us had on the first day's strenuous walk, without neglecting the desires of the one serious hiker in our group. In short, you are very lucky to have Aaron."

M. Fox
"I have been on many adventure trips and have to say that Aaron is one of the very best, knowledgeable, patient, ready to help, adventurous. I would definitely go on another trip with him."

R. Schmidt

"Aaron our leader was simply outstanding. What a refreshing experience to spend a week with a young man overflowing with passion and eager to shape his passion and knowledge of nature and the outdoors."

J. Zaret
"Aaron exceeded our expectations of an Expedition Leader in every way! We were already incredibly impressed with him & then I had an accident that required a trip to an emergency room. His efficient, calm & caring response was incredibly reassuring at a stressful time & was most gratefully appreciated. He is certainly an outstanding representative for Natural Habitat Adventures & one that you should be very proud of!"
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