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Family Galapagos Adventure

An Exciting Marine Odyssey with the Most Family-Focused Fun in the Islands!
7 or 10 Days From $5800 Adult; $5300 Child (+internal air)
Few things are more moving to a parent than the look of delight in a child's eyes in a face-to-face encounter with wild creatures. That happens all the time in the Galapagos Islands, where friendly sea lions, marine iguanas, penguins and blue-footed boobies entertain visitors at close range, nonchalant about our presence. In this remote Pacific archipelago 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the magic of nature is palpable. Unique animals, little touched by the influence of time, exist in splendid isolation. Sail aboard our family-friendly ship, snorkel with our naturalist Expedition Leaders, and walk ashore, wandering among the wildlife. Herman Melville called this ancient chain of submerged volcanoes Las Islas Encantadas, or the "Enchanted Isles," an apt name for a destination that is sure to create family memories that can truly be found nowhere else in the world!
    Galapagos sea lion, Española, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorBlue-footed boobies, North Seymour, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorFernandina, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorNational Geographic Islander, Galapagos IslandsGalapagos tortoise, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorGalapagos sea lion, Genovesa, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorBlue-footed booby, San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorSanta Cruz, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorMarine iguanas, Fernandina, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorIsabela, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorGalapagos green turtle, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorSanta Cruz, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorHotel del Parque, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Trip Highlights

  • A Specialty Kids ProgramOn this exciting family adventure, a dedicated children’s guide leads a variety of activities designed especially for kids, for the fullest discovery of the islands
  • Close-Up Animal EncountersMeet the islands' wondrous wildlife as we swim with friendly sea lions, snorkel with sea turtles, watch iguanas bask in the sun, and get a close-up look at giant tortoises
  • An Array of Active AdventuresCruise the volcanic archipelago aboard the National Geographic Islander, the perfect expedition base for snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and hiking
Galapagos Islands
The Natural Habitat Experience

Choosing a Family Galapagos Trip is a Big Decision

Children have a natural bond with nature. As parents or grandparents, you’ve likely seen this firsthand. And there's simply no more exciting nature adventure for the entire family than a trip to the Galapagos Islands, where amiable wildlife shows no fear of humans. In this wildlife wonderland, you'll create memories that will forge bonds for a lifetime. Our family Galapagos adventure features a host of details that make a multi-generational trip successful. Take a moment to examine these key advantages: 

  1. More Activities for Optimum Exploration
    Swim, snorkel, paddle a kayak, paddle a standup board, walk leisurely, hike vigorously, cruise in a Zodiac with a naturalist, and enjoy plentiful pursuits aboard ship. Snorkel gear and wetsuits are provided, along with paddleboards, kayaks, video microscopes, plasma screens, recorded dive footage by onboard undersea specialists, hydrophones, video chroniclers, splash cams and daily expedition reports—there's something for everyone, to engage a wide slate of interests!
  2. The Itinerary Makes a Difference
    This wildlife-intensive itinerary offers a more diverse array of sites than many week-long trips do. Unlike routes that travel only to the south or central islands, our itinerary packs in as much as possible in a compact time frame.
  3. Our Guides Truly Love Kids!
    Experienced staff naturalists are enthusiastic about sharing their in-depth knowledge of nature with kids (and with adults, too). Not only do these professional guides undergo rigorous training, they are also chosen for their ease with children and ability to relate to younger travelers—essential for a successful youth program (see below). 
  4. Sparking Passion in Young Explorers
    The National Geographic Islander is proud to offer the National Geographic Global Explorers program for kids and teens. It's designed to nurture positive attitudes, skills and knowledge while making new discoveries in nature—from earning an expedition landing craft “driver’s license” to recording wildlife sightings in a Galapagos field notebook, under the tutelage of professional naturalist guides.
  5. Guided Snorkeling Experiences
    Kids love water, and there is no more exciting aquatic activity than snorkeling with the friendly creatures of the Galapagos. Enjoy personalized, guided small-group snorkeling experiences where Galapagos marine life is front and center.
  6. Triple Cabins Accommodate Families
    Very few tourist vessels in the Galapagos have cabins that can accommodate more than two persons. Our triple cabins hold three guests each, a helpful option for families.
  7. Take Home Thrilling Photos That Enhance Lifetime Memories
    The Galapagos' legendary wildlife creates exceptional subjects for nature photographers. Whether you’re seeking that perfect shot of a giant tortoise, blue-footed boobies or marine iguanas, you'll benefit from the expertise of our onboard photo instructors—trained at National Geographic headquarters—who make sure you go home with your best family photos ever.
  8. Locally Sourced, Sustainable Dining
    Our chefs cook with fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, including locally grown produce, sustainably caught fish and other products indigenous to the Galapagos or coastal Ecuador that offer authentic regional flavors. Reusable water bottles are provided in every cabin, with chilled fresh water stations around the ship to make staying hydrated convenient and refreshing—and helping to keep plastic bottles off the beach and out of the sea.
  9. Lindblad Supports Galapagos Conservation
    Lindblad Expeditions has played an active role in Galapagos conservation since 1967, working in conjunction with Galapagos National Park, Charles Darwin Research Station, local nonprofits and community groups. Since 1997, together with its guests, Lindblad has helped raise nearly $7 million to support conservation, education, research and community development priorities, and established the LEX-NG Fund to manage grants made in the region.
  10. We’re Committed to the Planet
    Natural Habitat Adventures is a standard-setter in eco-conscious travel. We were the world’s first 100% carbon-neutral travel company. And we continue to break innovative ground in adopting practices that help to protect our global environment. Because of our concern for the environment, we are pleased to partner with Lindblad Expeditions for our Adventure Cruises, a company that shares our values and commitment to the planet.
  11. Natural Habitat Adventures is WWF's Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our adventures, World Wildlife Fund—the world's leading environmental conservation organization—has named Natural Habitat as its worldwide travel partner, a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
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