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Traveler Testimonials

J. McDonough
"Our guide was amazing...he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. He went out of his way to try to find the animals and birds we all wanted to see, including a Quetzal. And he understands photography and helped us all take better photos. I didn't think I would ever be on a trip that rivals an African safari, but this week in Costa Rica did."

K. Williams

“This is, by far, the best trip I have ever taken, and a large part of this is due to the guides and drivers that we had. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how they enhanced our adventure.”

R. Bartelt
"What we liked most was the whole country; with its birds, animals, bugs, plants, and people! Wow! I liked seeing such a variety of places (from coastal rain forests to the mountains), always focusing on the natural world and doing it as a member of a small group. (I feel sorry for folks who chose to travel in a huge group in a tour bus). I liked eating some meals in Costa Rican homes and small businesses. The Costa Rican people were friendly and gracious everywhere. Food was great throughout."

J. Dwyer
"The animals, the scenery, the group, and the guide were all great. I loved the variety of experiences. The two lunches cooked by the local Tica women were fantastic. The Tiskita family was both engaging and inspirational. Our guide was amazing: knowledgeable, calm, funny, and very helpful."

J. Minteer
"Our guide was the best. He knew birds by their song and could spot so many animal long the many trails we took. Since the 4 travelers in the group are a bit older, he kept things on a slower pace. There are so many special things we saw that is is difficult to pick one out. I really liked being able to get a picture of a Ghost Bat hanging from the roof of our porch ceiling. The cutter ant hills were gigantic. I could go on and on."

V. Look
"The trip exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Nat Hab to our friends. We enjoyed staying at such a wide variety of lodgings. It really gave us a feel for the range of accommodations in the country. We were amazed at the depth of our guide's knowledge and his keen powers in observing wildlife. He immediately recognized birds which otherwise seemed to be flying too high and too fast for anyone to recognize."

M. Clary
"I enjoyed the variety of settings and treks that we took. Our leader was a superb guide with a vast knowledge of everything Costa Rican. He is extremely intelligent, patient, tolerant, knowledgeable and has a fine sense of humor. I cannot give higher marks to an expedition leader. All and all a great trip with a fantastic expedition leader and driver and fine fellow travelers."

L. Walker
“We can’t say enough good things about our guide. He knew the answer to virtually every question we asked: cultural, historical, political, plant and animal identification, and on and on. Amazing. He was tireless and accommodated every need or request like a real pro and made it look easy although we knew he was working hard. Simply an amazing guide and we would enjoy his guidance again and again. Our guide is the best!! It was an extremely memorable trip, and we certainly hope to travel with Nat Hab again.”

M. Schollaert
“The lodging was varied, unique and very comfortable. Our guide was wonderful!! Her knowledge of every aspect of the trip was fantastic. I enjoyed every aspect of this trip and we will definitely travel again with Natural Habitat!”
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