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Discover Greenland: The Natural Habitat Experience

Traveler Testimonials

B. Gent
“The overall exposure to, and brief immersion in, Greenland's extreme environment and unique culture was a tremendous and humbling experience. We enjoyed every aspect. For me as a keen photographer the zodiac glides through the ice fields and walks through and over amazing landscapes was just incredible and truly inspirational.”

J. Crowther
"The raw beauty and isolation in the land of ice was the most compelling part of the trip, and the extent that we learned about the local culture was a bonus. Our guide shared her enthusiasm for ice and her knowledge and respect for East Greenlandic culture while our other guide opened our eyes to the beautiful northern flora and the fascinating rocks beneath our feet. The days were full, with a variety of great activities, which gave us a wonderful opportunity to see the area in different ways. Base Camp was very well designed, including the cabins, showers and shared spaces. Base Camp food was outstanding."

B. Waldman

"I definitely appreciated the attention to detail as we geared up for each activity, whether in kayaks, zodiacs or on foot. The discipline imposed by our guides being sure we were properly prepared for each activity was very much appreciated. The well-designed cabins were also a plus. I really enjoyed the time spent in the Zodiacs winding our way through the denser fields of icebergs, especially when there was no straight path available to get to our destination. It added to the sense of being in uncharted territory, and the icebergs were beautiful. It was very clear that the goal was to have no remaining evidence of our being in this dramatic wilderness. It is hard to see how this trip could have been any better."

E. Macken
"I enjoyed the cultural excursions and felt we were seeing glimpses of the "real" life, not just a performance for tourists. When we went to hear Dines, we sat on rocks looking over the spectacular scenery of the bay at Tasiilaq and listened to an inspiring story. Nothing could have been better! The camp was amazing! The cabins were comfortable and I was warm enough. I loved the hot water bottle delivered to me every night. I would have been okay without it, but it was an extra luxury to fall asleep clutching it. The setting was perfect. Some of the moments I cherish are the ones I sat outside on a rock and read poetry while gazing up at the jagged peaks or out at the icebergs in front of me. One night I saw pink clouds brighten along the mountain tops."

N. Martin
"The beauty of Greenland exceeded my expectations. I loved it all; perhaps most of all the kayaking. Base Camp was excellent; very well laid out and comfortable. As for our Leaders, the extent of their knowledge was most impressive. I asked a lot of questions and they always had the answers or found them out. I was very impressed with their extensive knowledge on glaciers, geology, plant and animal life, as well as the local history."

T. Woodhead
"All in all a great trip. I really felt we saw the challenge of bringing people's living so recently on the sustainable edge of life into the current century. I enjoyed most being at the edge of not just civilization, but also adventure travel without having to hike my own stuff to be there. Base camp was more luxurious that expected."

Y. Michel
"We had a perfect sunny day at the ice sheet and glacier. I took the best pictures of my life. The setting was spectacular and awe inspiring. I saw sights that I had dreamed out ever since I remember dreaming. I have floored all my friends and relatives with the photos of the place. I was comfortable enough, the food was better than at home (which is Charleston and known for good food), and the view of this part of the world was thrilling, literally, heart pounding!"

R. Lobsitz

"Our guide brought tremendous heart and soul to the experience. She was so warm and kind with a wonderful sense of humor. She interprets her surroundings and people with intelligence, insight and very high regard. Our other guide brought a very high level of skill, mindfulness and knowledge. He is engaging and encouraging while maintaining the necessary structure and providing sound guidance in all that we did. Of all the things Nat Hab does right, the quality of the guides has stood out as the cornerstone of our travel experience. The activities were well planned and executed, and the gear was appropriate and in great condition. I honestly had no safety concerns, even when I was doing something that normally could have made me uneasy. Base Camp was phenomenal! It was a spectacular environment shared with amazing people. We loved the whole trip and were constantly surprised at the depth and power of our experience."

S. Skerker
"The trip's activities were marvelous. What a surprise to walk into our "tabin" for first time and find all of the amenities provided for our comfort. The extra special touches, such as the notes on the crocks, etc. were perfect and a great idea. The activities in Tasiilaq, Base Camp, and Kulusuk were all timely and well planned. We appreciated being given alternatives for activities. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sea kayak and photograph the group from the support zodiac. We also elected to go on a zodiac ride through iceberg fields instead of hiking up the mountain. We also enjoyed the cultural exchanges with the local people. Being invited into a home in Tinit was a treat. Also, the lectures, videos and discussions lead by Eric and Melissa were excellent. They gave us an appreciation of life in that part of the world, an understanding of the geology and history of the area, and the importance of the work being done by WWF in polar regions."

K. Hansen
"Both our guides are exemplary leaders. Their knowledge was so deep across a broad range of topics, from flora to fauna to geography to local culture. Having true locals made the trip extra, extra special. All camp staff were outstanding, and in regards to the food, it was like watching a miracle come out of the camp kitchen every night! Base Camp is just an unparalleled experience. I never imagined it would be so plush! Even though we were in one of the most incredible settings I've ever experienced in my life, the people were the best part of the trip for me. Okay, also the helicopter flights. And all the whales. And the gorgeous weather. And the beautiful scenery."
C. D'Arienzo
"The accommodations were much more comfortable than I could have imagined! Nat Hab has knocked it out of the park with the Greenland Base Camp concept. All the Base Camp staff were wonderful and truly dedicated. They provided a touch of home in the wilderness. All travel logistics were extremely well coordinated, and the Zodiac rides were awesome."

R. Winston

"The Base Camp exceeded all expectations and comfort for a remote experience. The set up could not have been better, especially given the remote location. The food was great, the rooms and bath facilities comfortable and the shared meeting space made evenings waiting for Northern Lights and post dinner lectures part of the great group dynamics that emerged. This was my first time to travel with Natural Habitat and I would surely travel with you again based on this experience. It was excellent from start to finish, ran smoothly and nature cooperated with us in so many ways--from spectacular Northern Lights, to whale watching/photographing and the beautiful weather and surroundings. The Base Camp experience was pretty amazing."
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