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Summer Is Almost Here

In the Southern Hemisphere, summer is peeking around the corner. Nature lovers can visit wildlife havens in Patagonia, New Zealand and Antarctica for an endless summer with Natural Habitat Adventures

Boulder, CO, Oct. 2, 2018 — Here in North America it is officially fall, coats are coming out from storage and birds are heading for warmer climes, but in the far south, spring has just sprung. Snow is melting, flowers are popping up, and wild animals are exiting their dens. Here are three ways to continue exploring summer’s natural bounty with Natural Habitat Adventures

Peaks, Lakes & Glaciers of Patagonia

Summer will be at its peak during Nat Hab’s Patagonia expeditions that span Argentina and Chile, scheduled from January to March. Puma sightings have been on the rise in the southernmost Andes, and Nat Hab has tailored its adventures to increase chances of spotting these elusive cats. The newly revised itinerary spends three full days in Torres del Paine National Park with multiple opportunities to track pumas in their native habitat. Patagonia’s landscapes are an equal draw, with granite spires rising to the sky and glaciers winding down in frozen rivers from ice-crowned massifs. The adventure also features a private boat cruise to the edge of Perito Moreno Glacier to watch icebergs calve from its 3-mile face. Nat Hab also offers a Patagonia Photo Expedition, a photography-focused version of the same adventure.

The per-person double rate for this 11-day trip starts at $9495 ($2395 single supplement.)

New Zealand Nature Explorer

Nat Hab’s New Zealand summer adventures run from October to March, with a focus on the South Island. Here, the rugged coastline encompasses a land of topographic extremes, from seaside rain forests and deep blue lakes to jagged peaks, active glaciers and pristine fiords. On guided rain forest hikes, guests will search for wildlife including Fiordland crested penguins and brown kiwis. Of note is the rare inclusion of Stewart Island, where guests spend two nights exploring the island on foot with local naturalist guides and by private chartered boat to see breeding seabirds. For any nature lover, a visit to this far-flung island is an exclusive privilege.

The per-person double rate for this 12-day trip starts at $10895 ($2595 single supplement).

Sailing Antarctica: The Ultimate Polar Nature Expedition

With just seven travelers on each departure, this is the most exclusive and appropriate way to experience the silence and solitude of Antarctica. Summer is short in Earth’s far south, so just a handful of trips are offered in November and December each year. While most voyages to the continent take place on ships that carry a hundred or more travelers, this opportunity allows guests to truly appreciate the planet’s last, most pristine wilderness sans crowds, immersed in pure nature. Guests sail one way across the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula aboard an ice-strengthened motorsailer, staffed by a world-class skipper and seasoned polar crew, then fly the other direction. The expedition includes kayaking and camping ashore, surrounded by seals, whales, penguins and icebergs.

The per-person double rate for this 17-day trip starts at $22995 + internal air (single supplement unavailable for this departure).
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