New Zealand Nature Explorer
Carbon emission data for The New Zealand Nature Explorer
As the world’s first 100% carbon-neutral travel company, Natural Habitat Adventures offsets all emissions generated on our trips, in our office operations, and on our travelers’ flights. In the context of a warming planet, we believe it is crucial to reduce our carbon footprint while we maximize the positive impacts of travel for conservation and enlightenment.

To further climate awareness, we are committed to transparency and education. The data shown here illustrate where carbon is emitted during your trip. We ensure your trip is carbon-neutral by purchasing offsets, which balance emissions in an amount equal to the carbon expended during your travels. Learn more about how Nat Hab uses carbon offsets.

It’s also essential to recognize the power of conservation travel as a tool to further education, empowerment and economic support for local communities, all of which help protect habitats and wildlife. Read more about how conservation travel works.