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Luggage & Weight Restrictions

Some of our trips have enforced luggage weight restrictions for our guests’ comfort and safety. Many of our vehicles have limited space and when traveling in light aircraft, overweight conditions create a serious safety hazard. Baggage exceeding specified limits is subject to being left behind or forwarded to the ending point at your expense. “All carry-ons” includes camera equipment. Please pack lightly and follow the guidelines in your Pre-Departure Briefing.

Luggage Allowances

We INSIST on soft-sided luggage, instead of a suitcase, with the following maximum dimensions (not to exceed 58 linear inches): 32 inches long x 14 inches wide x 12 inches high. Soft-sided luggage may have handles and/or wheels (with one hard side – often the bottom where the wheels are attached), but rigid luggage or bags with hard internal frames cannot be accommodated.

Travelers who bring luggage exceeding the maximum dimensions listed above or hard-sided suitcases may be asked to repack their belongings at their own expense. Please remember that wheels or handles will add to the overall weight of your luggage.

One strong, water-resistant duffle bag and one small, collapsible carry-on or daypack for holding items needed on wildlife drives should be adequate. People who make a habit of traveling light report relatively trouble-free journeys, uncomplicated by several pieces of luggage.

We also recommend bringing an extra bag for souvenirs if you plan on making any purchases during your stay in East Africa.

Weight Restrictions

Although international airlines have varying and often generous luggage weight allowances, flights within East Africa strictly limit passengers to a total of 33 pounds of luggage. You will also be allowed to bring one small carry-on (no more than 3 pounds and must be able to fit in your lap). However, the additional 3 pounds may or may not be included in the overall total of 33 pounds as different airlines have varying restrictions. Please check with your Adventure Specialist for specifics on your itinerary. We ask our guests to comply with this restriction for their safety. Excess baggage is subject to being left behind and later shipped to you at considerable expense; charges are extremely expensive!

Please note that while the restrictions listed above are strict requirements, there is no guarantee that your luggage will be measured or weighed and there is a possibility that you may see other travelers with hard sided suitcases and/or more weight than the restriction listed above. Enforcement of all restrictions depends on weather conditions, length of flight and total load on board.

If you must carry more than 33 pounds, it may be possible to arrange for an increase in this allowance. This service, if available, does cost extra. Please contact our office prior to departure for more information.

While a water-resistant or waterproof bag is not required, it is a good idea to have one, as bags may be exposed to rain during transfers. If you do not have a water-resistant or waterproof bag, and do not wish to purchase one for this trip, a good alternative is to place everything inside your suitcase in a plastic garbage bag. This will help ensure that, even if your bag gets wet, your items inside will stay dry.

Personal Weight Information

Because the overall weight on board our charter flights can be a significant safety issue, it is also important for us to know in advance if any traveler weighs more than 220 pounds. We understand that this can be a sensitive topic, but the safety of our travelers is our most important concern. If you or someone in your party weighs more than 220 pounds, please inform your Adventure Specialist as soon as possible so that we can be sure to plan for your trip accordingly.

Luggage Security

When traveling anywhere in Africa, theft of personal belongings from checked luggage does occur. We urge you not to put anything of value in your checked luggage while on flights in Africa. This includes jewellery, cameras, video equipment, reading /sunglasses, laptops or other computer/electronic equipment, medication (especially chronic medication) etc. We also strongly advise that you always lock your checked luggage in order to deter opportunities for theft. Also, be sure to keep anything that you carry on to the plane with you and/or in your sight at all times.

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Physical Requirements

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