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Charlotte Campbell Stephen

Sales & Marketing Manager

Charlotte was raised on the edge of a national park in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She spent the majority of her childhood in brown cords & a "Water is Life" T-shirt, building cubby houses in the surrounding bush land, and somehow miraculously always managing to survive as the only Indian against the band of marauding neighbourhood cowboys.

Charlotte’s fascination with Africa began with her father’s bedtime stories of his childhood in South Africa and was further fostered by her innate love of the bush. She caught the travel bug when she spent a year travelling solo through South & Central America, but even with this expansive exploration of culture and geography under her belt, it was always Africa that continued to captivate her.

In 2005 Charlotte managed to wrangle her way onto a flight to Nairobi, fulfilling her lifelong dream of reaching the continent. The moment she stepped foot on it, she knew there was simply no going back, and she instantly swapped the city beaches of Sydney for the colourful chaos of Nairobi.

For many years Charlotte worked in the development sector but spent every minute of her spare time on safari exploring Kenya. Captivated by the diversity, local cultures and natural beauty that unfolded on this adventurous path, Charlotte was led to Natural Habitat Safaris’ door.

As NHS Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte continues to invoke her father’s spirit and her lifelong passion for Africa by developing new and exciting itineraries and products that showcase the best of what East Africa has to offer. Redefining and pushing the boundaries on the true essence of safari and sharing these unique experiences is what really makes Charlotte tick. Talk to Charlotte about creating a custom safari for you!

Charlotte’s life continues to be one big safari. She lives it, breathes it and loves nothing better than sharing and inspiring people about the infinite possibilities to experience the beauty, diversity and randomness of this great continent. Be truly inspired; follow Charlotte’s adventures on Instagram.

In Charlotte’s spare time, aside from being a mum to her Kenyan daughter, Bee, she is heavily involved in advocating for Stop Violence Against Women and women’s rights in Kenya. She is currently writing a book on her life and work with grassroots communities and women in Kenya, and a documentary "I Will Not Be Silenced" by award-winning Australian filmmaker Judy Rymer, is due for International release in 2015.

To learn more about Charlotte’s work with women and children and communities within some of Nairobi’s largest slums and how you can support, become involved or build a visit with one of these community-focused projects into your custom itinerary, click here.

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My first safari in Kenya was climbing Mount Kenya. Made it to the top Point Lenana at 4,985 metres.With kids at a school I project-managed in the Kibera slum, the second largest slum in Africa.Rock surfing on safari at Roaring Rocks in Tsavo West National Park.Rock surfing on safari at Roaring Rocks in Tsavo West National Park.Random sight of cow on a piki piki on way to Meru.Remote Pokot tribe in the Northern Frontier District. This particular tribe had only seen white folk three other times. The women were wearing calf skin skirts, and beads made of hardened clay which were painted, and the men also had calf skin on and ostrich feathers in their headdresses.Woke up one morning at home, pulled back the curtains and saw this huge buffalo lying on the garden just staring at me. I live on the edge of Nairobi National Park so buffaloes and a range of other wildlife is always hanging around.I work heavily with Stop Violence Against Women in Kenya and this shot is from a self-defense workshop for teenage mothers in Dandora slum, Nairobi, facilitated by I'm Worth Defending.This random group of Samburu warriors in the back of an old Landie was taken at the base of the Karisia Mountains in the Northern Frontier District. The men had just been to collect a child bride from her village and were taking her to her new home with her elderly husband. I looked in the front window of the Landie and the girl no more than 10 years old was covered in ochre and shaking, visibly upset and scared by her predicament, but also because she probably had the cut before they took her to her husband. I have never felt so helpless.This photo of myself and my adopted daughter Baraka was taken at Sasaab in Samburu.This salty sea dog shot was taken by a friend on my 40th birthday. I chose to spend the day out at Kinyika, a small rocky outcrop off the coast of Lamu. We spent the day swimming with dolphins, snorkelling around the outcrop, drinking beers, and cooking and eating fish we had caught along the way. A perfect way to launch me into my 40s. Kibera Slum - Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, and the largest urban slum in Africa. Working Together - Charlotte Campbell-Stephen and Jane Anyango of Polycom Development in Kibera Slum, Nairobi. Polycom Development in partnership with various donors/partners orgnanize trainings on the importance of good hygiene practices. They run programs that empahsize responsible use of toilets and also do donations of panties and pads to girls going to school in Kibera. The Talking Boxes Project - A program of heart to heart sharing through annonymous notes culminating into building of key skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and positive life choices. Kibera Women for Peace and Fairness I’m Worth Defending - A comprehensive sexual assault prevention organisation for girls and boys. My Security is My Responsibility - teaching a group of teenage mothers about utilizing all their personal strengths. Polycom Development uses the schools within Kibera as access points for education and empowerment around social issues that affect their communities.

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