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Polar bear, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bear mother and cubs, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bear mother and cubs, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bears, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaChurchill, Manitoba, CanadaTundra Lodge, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaNorthern Lights, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaChurchill, Manitoba, CanadaChurchill, Manitoba, CanadaSnowy owl, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bear, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaSled dog puppies, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaNorthern Lights, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bear and Polar Rover, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Colin McNulty: Polar bear portait, snowy owl
Henry H. Holdsworth: Mother and cubs walking away, mother and cubs, husky pups, northern lights, Rover
Alek Komarnitsky: Photographer at tundra lodge, telephoto lens
Brad Josephs: Guide with northern lights, canon
Jeff A. Goldberg: Bear in vegetation
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B. Day
“Both Rinie and Colby were terrific guides. Their knowledge of Polar Bears was interesting and informative. Each were very helpful while photographing- giving advice to maximize the quality of our photos. Even while in the lodge - reviewing and giving advice. It was terrific to come in from frigid weather to a delicious homemade soup! The Northern Lights were something I really wanted to see but had not been given high hopes due our trip being in November when we were told it was usually cloudy. We had two nights, and one night the Northern Lights were especially bright. The Polar Bear viewing was amazing. After arriving at the lodge in a blizzard, our second day was a beautiful sunny day! And the bears were very active.”

L. Martin
”Day 1 exceeded my hopes. Day 2 exceeded my dreams. Day 3 iced the cake with the Northern Lights! So very glad I took with trip with Nat Hab, and especially at the Tundra Lodge. Our guides were knowledgeable, interactive and encouraging. They worked to make the most of all our time, without feeling we were overworked. We were so lucky with our weather and the animal experience. Being out at the Tundra Lodge made the trip so exceptional.”

S. Wiltse
“Both Rinie and Colby were absolutely outstanding guides! Both were incredibly knowledgeable and very personable. Paul and I would love to be able to have them as guides on any future trip. Their enthusiasm really made the trip extra special and very, very fun! Being in such close proximity to the polar bears in such a comfortable setting with amazing guides and staff all combined for a truly extraordinary experience.”

C. Ramalho
"Some things are beyond control. On this trip everything that could be controlled was perfect. It was also one of those rare trips where everything that could NOT be controlled was also perfect. The northern lights were incredible!!!This trip far exceeded my expectations. I wasn't even sure that we would see polar bears! The accommodation, the guides, the lodge manager, the Winnipeg staff (including the driver from the airport) all made the trip an amazing experience from start to finish... I'd like to do it again.”

C. Nowicki
"I enjoyed the photographic empahsis of the trip, and learned much about taking pictures in the northern environment. Also, I gained knowledge about the behavior of the bears and wildlife. Both Eric with his photography expertise and Rinie with his humor and animal behavior expertise were wonderful and so helpful. Both were very pleasant and personable and I enjoyed their company very much."

H. Holdsworth
"Both Eric & Rinie were fun to be with, extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining. Their sense of humor and love of the bears made for a very enjoyable experience. I would gladly go on a another trip with either or both of them and hope to some time in the future. Hats off to them both!! for a job extremely well done."

S. Miller
"I have been on many trips with more than one leader/guide, where it became clear early on that it was best to be with one rather than the other. That was not the case for this NatHab Adventure. Both Leaders were great. The group benefitted from their different and complementary backgrounds and experience. Their presentations were professional quality and not condescending or pretentious. Eric and Rinie were incredibly generous with their time from sunrise past sunset. They gave more presentations in the lounge than I could attend (I missed a couple for a necessary short nap). However, if I was not there, my spouse was, as were at least some other members of the group. No one wanted to squander those fabulous resources. Eric and Rinie must have been exhausted by the end of our trip, but they certainly gave us our moneys worth."

L. Reed
"The tour was excellent. Fabulous seeing the polar bears in their own environment. Being only a point and shoot photographer I learnt heaps from Eric Rock's presentation (apart from when it was well over my head) and my photography improved heaps to my husband's amazement. The quality was excellent. Both Eric and Rinni did a great job and Eric's knowledge of the wildlife and photography will be remembered by me whenever I show my photos to my friends."

D. Gale
"I got the best of both worlds on this trip - photography and natural history, plus your service was wonderful. I am looking forward to traveling with you again soon."

A. Tinley
“As an enthusiastic amateur I wanted to make sure we selected the trip that would give us the best chance for bear photography…this was it, by far! The facility is out-of-this-world special. And the guides ensured we got it all!”

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