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Brown bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USABrown bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USABrown bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USAThe Natural Habitat Ursus, Kodiak, AlaskaBrown bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USAKodiak, Alaska, USAKodiak, Alaska, USASteller sea lions, Kodiak, Alaska, USABrown bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USAKatmai National Park, Alaska, USABrown bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USAThe Natural Habitat Ursus, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USABrown bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USANootka lupines, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USABrown bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USAKatmai National Park, Alaska, USABrown bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA
Brad Josephs: Brown bears, wet bear, bear fishing, photographers in fireweed, mother and cub, The Natural Habitat Ursus
Marion Owen: Photographer, sea lions
Fungai Katsande: Boat in bay
Suzanne Kiser: Katmai National Park, Alaska
Colin McNulty: Bear in grass
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Traveler Testimonials

G. Salyer
"Brad was very, very good. His knowledge of the bears was quite extensive and because of that we had wonderful viewing opportunities. We were not a group that followed instructions easily (single file walking, staying close together) and he handled that well with gentle but persistent reminders. I most enjoyed the ability to just sit quietly and observe. Whether on the skiff watching eagles or along the river watching bears clamming, it was great to just be quiet and watch all that was happening around us. The staff were all remarkably friendly, helpful, accommodating. I couldn't have asked for more. Very knowledgeable about the area, wonderful hosts, and the food was superb. The staff on the Kittiwake was terrific and Captain Mike was exceptional."

B. McKinnon
“It was amazing that our guide was able to take us to different places where we could observe such a variety of bear behaviors at such a close range. Spending so much time with the bears was a highlight of the trip for me. It went beyond my expectations. I didn’t want to leave the bears!”

B. Park
"Brad was exceptional in his knowledge of bears and his ability to make us comfortable. He can help with the cameras and is willing to do anything to help his clients. His passion for his work is infectious. We loved him!! We loved most being up close and personal with wild bears and concentrating the trip on doing that."

T. Bergem
"We enjoyed all of it. Close encounters with bears and wolves in a stunning landscape, together with only a few fellow travelers and a very professional expedition leader. Both the expedition leader and the staff onboard the Kittiwake did an outstanding job. Functioned well as a team, created a good atmosphere and performed excellently in there respective capacity. Together they made this one of my very best travel experiences."

L. Cudworth
"Brad's extensive knowledge of the wildlife of the Katmai area brought our awareness of the brown bear and their environment to a new level and understanding. We hope and pray that nature guide companies will continue to respect this area and allow the wildlife to continue to live in harmony. We know if Brad has anything to do with this then they will be safe. We are thankful for his efforts. He is knowledgeable, kind, consideration, thoughtful and he geniunely cared about us and our experience at Katmai. He truly exceeded any expectation we may have had. We will always thank him for giving us the opportunity to share the meadows and beaches with the brown bears and other gentle creatures of Katmai. It has changed our lives forever more. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. I liked the extra day that came with the photography tour. We never felt rushed. So I think when we return we will do the photography one again."

C. Dadien
"The grizzlies were certainly the stars of the Katmai coast, but all the wildlife was spectacular. Our expedition leader and crew were incredible. Loved the boat experience! What can I say . . . Top notch. . . Top Shelf. . . The best!"

D. Watson
"I enjoyed all the time we spent out in the wild observing and photographing bears and other interesting wildlife. This trip exceeded my expectations as far as the amount and variety of wildlife we observed. Brad was fantastic! His knowledge of the area and the wildlife
was impressive. He communicated very well with us and made sure we got the correct angle for our photos and in the best light. He really enjoys what he does and it really shows!! I always felt safe and secure with him!"

B. Nelson
"Brad was an excellent guide with an extensive knowledge of the bears and the area. I especially appreciated his photography skills. He was always watching the light and helping us get the best pictures as possible. He was very helpful with helping me learn how the use my camera to shoot wildlife. This was an exciting and wonderful trip to the wilderness with the bears. I loved it!!!"

J. Lindstedt
“I think the most remarkable thing was that I never felt any fear around the bears and had total confidence in Brad and his ability to judge and handle any situation. The Katmai were wonderful and better than I expected!”

E. Wallen
“Brad was an outstanding guide who really went the extra mile to provide us with an awesome experience. His knowledge base is amazing. He truly is an advocate for wildlife. I liked tramping around the beaches and meadows and sitting quietly waiting for bears and watching them when they arrived.”

P. Barker
"As always this trip over exceeded my expectations. Brad is a very knowledgeable and caring guide. He wants everyone to have a excellent trip."

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