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Suzanne Kiser

Suzanne grew up in Massachusetts and headed to Colorado in 1980 where she fell in love with the majestic Rocky Mountains and Boulder's laid back atmosphere and has called Boulder home ever since. As luck would have it in 1995, she met Ben (NHA founder & President) and his wife Laura and became friends. A few years passed, Suzanne had her second child and found herself searching for a job that was flexible so she could balance work & family time. Natural Habitat was growing and in 2000 welcomed her in and it was a perfect fit! Beginning as assistant to the office manager and transitioning into the reservations department, they squeezed her into a utility room with a pile of papers! Her role has evolved over the years to become our Adventure Gear & Pre Trip Services Coordinator. Since touching a gray whale in Baja on her first NHA journey she was hooked on wildlife adventures as well as photography and could not believe what she had been missing! Her NHA travels have taken her all around the planet~ to sail the Inside Passage with Orcas, hear howling Wolves in Yellowstone and appreciate the beauty of the geology and wildlife of Newfoundland. Some of the most unforgettable adventures are the ones she was able to share with her children~ getting up close and personal with the Grizzlies of Coastal Katmai with her son,  Polar Bears of Churchill with her daughter and the wonder of the Galapagos Islands on our family departure with both of them. Lots of laughs with all of the kids on the trip! New Zealand's South Island, its jaw dropping beauty and eco-system diversity and of course seeing the illusive Kiwi foraging on the beach,  truly amazed her. Suzanne's crowning jewel, trip of a lifetime was heading through the Drake Passage to explore the Antarctic Peninsula where she hopes one day to return.

In the Galapagos visiting Hood Island ~ are you my mother? The magnificent Waved Albatross. Although it wasn’t mating season, we were fortunate enough to witness the mating dance between a couple, quite entertaining with their clicking, bobbing heads, screeching, mimicking and dancing circles around each other.Absorbing the magnificent view from the cliffs of Espanola with Waved Albatross and Galapagos Seagulls.  Spectacular!Who doesn't love puffins? Taken on the cliffs of Newfoundland, I got to watch them build their nests just feet away.An incredible spot for birds is none other than Bird Rock at Cape St. Mary’s Newfoundland Sea Bird Ecological Reserve. It rises 100 meters from the sea and is the second largest Gannet rookery in North America.In Newfoundland these beautiful sheep appear through the mist. They graze freely so you never know where or when you’ll cross paths with them. While sailing on the Inside Passage in search of Orcas, we anchored and explored the shores. The landscape and skies were so blue and beautiful and I couldn’t get enough.  Inside Passage of British Columbia ~ so peaceful.Yellowstone National Park is one of those places where you feel like you’re on another planet.One of the amazing opportunities for adventure came in 2009 when I was able to bring my son along. Our adventure to Katmai National Park with the Grizzlies and was unforgettable. He brought a lot of laughs to the trip and I think it sparked the naturalist in him. Being able to be so close to the grizzlies took a while to be comfortable with.  Those claws are pretty impressive.My son, future naturalist!Being able to see Bald Eagles in such abundance and so close was surreal to me. There was no way I was going to be in Antarctica and not do the polar plunge!  I would do it again in a heartbeat! This sunset taken around 11PM truly took my breath away. The tranquility and magnificence was unmatched anywhere for me.A beautiful, warm, sun-drenched day at Port Lockroy. With the weddell seals laying around, gentoo penguins waddling by and building their nests with their “love stones”. A divine day.It was warmer than I anticipated in my sleeping bag with the winds blowing beside the shore, among the penguins. Definitely a great experience! This little gentoo penguin just kept walking towards me. He came within about a foot of me before continuing down to the water. Gotta love those close encounters!I loved the white fur against the colorful tundra. Check out those eyes! My son Kevin with sea lion mom and pups.One of my favorite trips ever was the Galapagos Islands Family Adventure. The kids made it so much fun.It was fascinating seeing the action at this family owned sheep farm.We were fortunate to arrive to this beach in Hokitika on a day when there was a driftwood sculture display. This was my favorite.Valerie and me in HokitikaOne of the gorgeous landscapes of New ZealandNew Zealand

Suzanne's Adventures

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