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Suzanna Spencer

Suzanna was born and raised in the Granite State, New Hampshire. She developed a love of travel and peanut butter sandwiches as a young child when her family packed her and her two siblings up in a VW Bug and drove them around the country every summer visiting various national parks, historical monuments and relatives. We thought this sort of thing only happened in Boulder! While in high school, Suzanna was lucky enough to be chosen to race the marathon in the Goodwill Games over in the Soviet Union. This was her first introduction to international traveling and borsch. From this crazy adventure, she caught the travel bug, which she has never been able to shed.

After finishing up a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of New Hampshire (Go Wildcats!), Suzanna moved west and ended up in New Mexico, Idaho, and then finally settled in Colorado. She has kept Colorado as her home base, but has also been lucky to live and work in exciting places such as Bolivia, New Zealand, Antarctica and Alaska. Some of her favorite travel adventures include swimming with penguins in the Galapagos Islands, kayaking near glaciers in Alaska, riding the Tran-Siberian railroad, rounding up goats by horseback in Mongolia, having a snowball fight with young kids in Bhutan, seeing newborn lions and cheetah in Tanzania and walking on the Great Wall in China. When she is not found at work she can be found teaching Pilates, falling down on the ski slopes or gardening.

Enjoying the sea lions on our Galapagos Hiking & Kayaking Adventure - July 2012Seeing the lowland gorillas of the Congo was definitely one of my top travel highlights – October 2012Aly (my co-worker) and I near Damaraland Camp, Namibia. We did a short hike up a nearby butte for a fantastic view of the surrounding land.No, I am not wearing a dishtowel on my head! I am exploring the Kalahari desert on a quad bike and wearing a Kikoy cloth which keeps the dusk out of your face/hair.Aly and I were very lucky to spend time with our wonderful guide/hostess in Botswana – Dave Luck and Eugenie. They offer us a wonderful experience around Duma Tau camp in the Linyanti Region. We saw lots of elephants, cats, giraffes and birds.My kayak partner in the Galapagos was not much help with the paddling and was a bit on the stinky side.Camping in the Galapagos. Greg, my significant other, in front of our tent.  It was a great experience to sleep amongst the tortoises.Greg and I at the Middle of the World. We visited a fantastic museum with our guide Roberto where we got to do a variety of experiments with gravity on the exact Equator line. Yes, the water does flush straight down!Pepe, our Galapagos guide, and I at the Charles Darwin Research Center.My three favorite people. Sadie, my niece and Alex and Jessie my twin nephews.  Aren't they just adorable?A young leopard cub near Kwetsani Camp in the Okvango Delta, Botswana.My twin nephews obviously inherited a love for wildlife from their Auntie. They were the best looking polar bears in Colorado.  Watch out Polar Bears! Visiting Churchill, Canada to see the great white bears.Here's Emily (my colleague, running partner and Pilates student) right after she crossed the finish line at the Vineman Ironman. Even after doing an Ironman, she can still show off those pearly whites and flex her muscles. Shortly after her body started convulsing.Celebrating our climb at the top of Atsunta Pass 11,200 ft.  Caucasus Mountains, GeorgiaEnjoying the stunning views in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Suzanna's Stupendous Adventures

Naiman, Aly and Suzanna. Getting ready to start off on a Great Adventure
Masai Soccer Game: Some things are universal… at a Masai village we got to see first hand how this tribe eats, sleeps, works and even how the kids play soccer!
A hike with a MasaiGiraffes and Flamingos at Lake Manyara. The pink flamingo carpet on Lake Manyara was great entertainment for curious giraffes and safari goers.Our family safari watched this herd of elephants before they wandered off on their own family journey to the next watering hole.
Mto Wa Mbu, Mosquito River: 130 tribes in Tanzania are represented in this small community. It was a great place to people watch.As any world traveler knows, food is part of the fun!  This classic  “Burgers and Coke” picnic lunch near the Ngorongoro Crater was no exception.
Ngorongoro Crater definitely lived up to its reputation for being stunning. Even the clouds hanging on the rim were incredible!
Our guide constantly amazed us. He spotted this serval cat hidden deep in the grass. Luckily for us it chose to come and check us out.Here's our Serengeti Tented Camp. From the mobile tents we could look out over the grassy plains full of wildlife
Things couldn’t get better – after an incredible morning of wildlife viewing, Naiman pulled out a bag of fresh baked cookies baked that morning by the camp cook.
Our first Cheetah sighting AND it was stalking antelope on the Serengeti plains - does life get better than this?Our guide, Naiman, and NHA Adventure Specialist, Suzanna, posed together on a nature walk.We witness the astounding Great Migration. Wildebeest and zebra as far as the eye could see!
After just a few days, the crew at our private camp in the Serengeti felt like the best of friends. As if on cue, the sunset our last night on safari was perfect! We hope you’ll get to see this some day too!

Suzanna and Aly's Tanzania Adventure

At the top of Dochu La Pass at 10,000 feet looking at towards the Eastern Himalyas108 Chortens at the top of Dochu La PassOrnately decorated buildings are a highlight for visitors to BhutanBhutanese at the market trading dried cheese. No, I did not try a taste.Observing a prayer sequence in a DzhongPrayer wheelsTrying out Yak Butter Tea. The jury is still out but I think I prefer hot chocolate.Chatting with Nima our local Bhutanese guidePrayer flags blowing the in wind.

Wild Bhutan

Just over a month old and curious as can beWaiting for their mom to returnI love the small surprises that come from the African camps….homemade donuts for breakfastGreat elephant viewing in the Western SerengetiBabies everywhere in March! I loved watching this young hyena cub.A serval cat caught a guinea fowl but then a rock python stole the guinea fowl from the cat. Poor cat, just sat and watched his dinner be swallowed by the snake.We got to watch an amazing hunt with this cheetah family.Lucky view of a leopard tortoise.In the Mara we had an amazing viewing of this mom black rhino and calf.Honing my spotting skills

Suzanna's Kenya and Tanzania Adventure

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