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Sara Higgins

Sara grew up in the great state of New Jersey (the nice part, not like Ben) with wanna-be-ski-bum-but-became-lawyers-instead parents and two older brothers who made sure she could climb. Her childhood was spent running around the neighborhood barefoot, making up sledding resorts in the woods next door, playing every recreational sport in which a kid can participate, and being “dragged” up and down all the ski mountains on the East Coast. All of these experiences instilled an adventurous spirit, gave her a love and appreciation for the outdoors, and kept her dreaming of traveling overseas.

After finding a niche in learning languages, most notably French, the little “Madeline” in her impulsively decided at the age of 12 that she would live in Paris for a year. Sara followed this dream by attending the University of Richmond where she majored in International Studies and French, and spent her junior year abroad in Paris, indulging in the freshest baguettes, the tastiest wines and smelliest cheeses, not to mention spending every penny she had saved traveling around to as many countries as she could squeeze in between “attending classes.” After graduation, Sara moved out to Wyoming to work on a ranch, following that up with an epic road trip around the West/Southwest U.S., spending every day hiking and climbing in our beautiful national parks and every night sleeping under the stars. She spent the next year making fondue, traveling to South America, and running an adventure camp. In 2007 she bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand and booked one night in a hostel. She ended up staying for a most exciting and adventurous 1-1/2 years, followed by six months in Australia!

After adjusting to culture shock back in the U.S. (and accidentally driving on the left side of the road!), the mountains beckoned for Sara, so she moved to Colorado and booked ski vacations to support her skiing addiction. After a brief trip to Israel, Sara realized Boulder was the place for her and is very excited to be working at Nat Hab! When not at work (even though she is mostly talking about skiing, how much snow fell, etc.), Sara can be found trail running, skiing, mountain biking, practicing yoga, drinking chai, and exploring the wonders of Boulder and the surrounding areas.

Never in my life I thought I would get to see a polar bear up close! They are a lot quieter than you would think…Greenland 2014Greenland 2014Greenland 2014BelizeAntarcticaAntarcticaGibraltor Lake, Indian PeaksEnjoying life in Colorado! On a weekend trip to Indian Peaks, we found the best pitch to glissade down. Good thing my boots were waterproof!Tasmania was definitely the coolest part of my time in Australia—I lived on a boat, lived out of a van, worked on a farm, and didn’t want to leave! 2009Closing day at Treble Cone, where I was a ski bum in NZ—retro day!! We undrilled the straight skis from the ceiling at the ski shop I worked in. 2008Hiking up the bowl at HighlandsFox Glacier, 2008A New Year’s Eve kayaking trip on Lake Wanaka where I lived and loved for 1 ½ years. 2007/2008Finding the gold at the end of the rainbow: along the Wilkin Valley Trek in NZ. I’m on the right. 2007A beautiful lake along the Lares Trek in the Andes. We hiked uphill for hours and this was my gorgeous reward! My digital camera had died in the Sacred Valley so this was taken with a very overpriced disposable camera. 2007Mooney Falls in Havasupai Indian Reservation was a great way to cool off after an epic 16 mile hike to the Colorado River and back; not to mention was a great way to distract ourselves from the fact that raccoons had opened our backpacks that morning and left us with less than half the food we started with! 2006Delicate Arch (in Arches National Park, UT) was one of the most beautiful and spiritual places I have ever been, and was definitely one of the best stops on our road trip! We stayed there for hours. 2006Working in Wyoming after graduating from college was such a highlight—we were lucky to ride horses in the backcountry as much as we liked. I even have a cowboy hat and boots to prove it! 2006It wouldn’t be a NatHab slideshow without beer…or sadly an empty glass of the best beer in the world: Guinness from the top of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. 2006

Sara's Adventures

Me at the top of the Teleferico. Happy to be back in Quito.Becky and I at the equator!First of many breathtaking sunsets in the Galapagos.Male frigate birds were amazing to photograph.Too many sea lion pictures to choose from, but I love this one!Galapagos hawkMe and Pinnacle RockThe frigate bird who was following our boat for milesBecky, Giancarlo, Roberto and I at the campgroundMe and the giant tortoise!!We had a great time snorkeling! Especially when we saw hammerhead sharks and a giant manta ray!!Waiting for the albatrosses to come (and they did!)

Sara's Galapagos Adventure

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