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Snow leopard, Yamaat Valley, MongoliaTurgen Mountains, Yamaat, MongoliaSnow Leopard, Mongolia. Remote camera donated by Nat Hab & GuestsSiberian ibex, Khar Us Nuur National Park, MongoliaKhovd River Valley, Khovd Province, MongoliaMongolian herdsmen, Yamaat Valley, MongoliaTakhi horses, Hustai National Park, MongoliaSnow leopard, Yamaat Valley, MongoliaDemoiselle crane, Hustai National Park, MongoliaNat Hab Camp, Western MongoliaGer, Yamaat Valley. Mongolia
David Lawson/WWF-UK: Crouching snow leopard
Anton Vorauer/WWF-Canon: Mongolia landscape 1 & 2
Anton Vorauer/WWF-Canon: Przewalski horses
David Lawson/WWF-UK: Snow Leopard eyes
Gordon Petersen: Nat Hab Camp, Western Mongolia
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Mongolia: In Search of the Snow Leopard

A Rare Chance to Track the Elusive Cat with WWF Scientists in Western Mongolia
The regal snow leopard has held a place in Buddhist mythology for millennia. Living at high altitudes in an extreme climate, its thick silver coat keeps it warm while its long tail helps steady it as it races down steep mountain slopes in search of prey. It is the hardest cat in the world to find and its elusiveness shapes the legends that have risen around it. Just 2,000 or so remain in the remote high peaks of Central Asia and the Himalayas. Yet while the snow leopard is among the planet’s most endangered animals, it is the focus of an inspiring global conservation effort. Our quest in search of this elegant feline takes us to the farthest reaches of western Mongolia, where we’ll travel with WWF scientists and traditional nomads who are pioneering efforts to sustain it. Our journey also includes several of Mongolia's national parks and protected areas where we’ll observe native wildlife, from great flocks of migratory birds in vast reed beds to wild Takhi horses on the rolling steppe of Hustai.

Trip Highlights

  • Hike in search of snow leopards, argali and ibex in the remote Yamaat Valley in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains
  • Travel with WWF experts, conservationists and local nomads on guided hikes and drives as you learn about efforts to sustain threatened wildlife
  • Visit Khar Us Nuur and Hustai national parks to see rare and uniquely adapted wildlife, including Mongolia’s native wild Takhi horses

What Makes This Trip So Extraordinary?
A Mongolian adventure in search of snow leopards is by its very nature extraordinary. But there are a number of features that make this unique trip especially distinctive.

  1. A Unique Itinerary into Rarely Visited Snow Leopard Habitat
    Natural Habitat is the only company offering a wildlife-focused expedition to both the Yamaat Valley and Jargalant Hairhan – two different ecosystems that are both key snow leopard habitats, each of which is exceptionally remote and rarely visited.
  2. An Exclusive Chance to Track Snow Leopards with WWF Scientists
    As World Wildlife Fund's travel partner, only we are able to offer this opportunity to track endangered snow leopards in the company of WWF scientists and in-country staff. WWF has been in the forefront of research and conservation efforts to protect the world's remaining snow leopards, partnering with local residents in western Mongolia, and we will be alongside them on this backcountry adventure foray in search of these elusive felines. And once we are back in Ulaanbaatar, we'll visit WWF's partner office where we'll have a private meeting with their head wildlife specialist. You simply won't find this exceptional access anywhere else!
  3. Enjoy Cultural Encounters with Locals Helping to Protect Snow Leopards
    Another exclusive: meet the traditional nomadic herders who are community partners with the Snow Leopard Trust, WWF's conservation partner in the region. We learn firsthand about their centuries-old lifestyle and customs, while at the same time discover how they are pioneering methods for livestock to live in harmony with the endangered snow leopard predator.
  4. Our Small Group Guarantees a Personalized Experience
    With a maximum of just 12 travelers, this trip offers an intimate and highly personalized encounter with Mongolia's remote mountain wilderness and the personnel with whom we travel. Our exceptional staff and guide-to-guest ratio assures that your every question will be answered, and your every need and concern attended to.
  5. Reliable Vehicles Designed for Overland Travel
    Mongolia's roads — to the extent they exist at all —are notoriously rough and bumpy. To ensure as much comfort and safety as possible, we travel overland in small 4x4 Jeeps, each with a maximum of 3 guests per vehicle, plus an experienced driver. Each person will have a window seat. Most tour operators (which are few in western Mongolia to begin with) use old Russian vans, and while they are reliable 'workhorses,' they are notoriously uncomfortable, with very poor suspension and non-existent shocks.
  6. Wilderness Camping in Surprising Comfort
    In the exceptionally remote areas to which we travel, we stay in traditional Mongolian gers (yurts) made of wool felt, and high-quality walk-in dome tents, both with plenty of space to stand comfortably. The tents are designed to sleep 6, but we use them for just 2 people. In both gers and tents, we sleep off the ground on cots with full bedding provided. A field toilet with privacy tent as well as limited hot-water mobile camp showers offer an unexpected element of comfort. 
  7. Our Quality Guarantee Ensures Your Exceptional Adventure
    With Natural Habitat Expeditions, you receive our exclusive guarantee: that we will meet the lofty expectations we establish in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company. Read our important promise.
  8. Feel Good About the Way You Travel
    We all care about the planet, and when you travel with us, you can know that the emissions from your trip are 100% carbon-offset – Natural Habitat Adventures, the parent company of Natural Habitat Expeditions, is the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company.
  9. Natural Habitat is World Wildlife Fund's Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally conscious travel, as well as the outstanding quality of our worldwide adventures, World Wildlife Fund, the world's leading environmental conservation organization, has named Natural Habitat as its worldwide travel partner, a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
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