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The Wilds of Borneo: Orangutans & Beyond

A Tropical Wildlife Quest in Search of Orangutans, Endangered Sea Turtles & More!
E. Frank
"Of all my many adventures through the years I was expecting the most out of this trip—looking forward to the orangutans as well as the uniqueness that most destinations just can’t offer. Somehow, you far exceeded anything I could have hoped for!"

C. Wolf
"Gavin was a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. He really was fabulous. A great guy and a great Expedition Leader. We couldn't have asked for more. He truly wanted to make our trip the best it could be, not just because it was his "job", but because you could tell he really wanted to. I recommend him highly and hope to travel with him again."

K. Shraibati 
"We saw more than I ever expected - lots of wild orangutans, including moms with babies, males and females interacting and one making his night nest. We also saw swimming macaques, pygmy elephants in the river, millions of bats emerging from the cave and two giant flying squirrels in flight. Amazing."

M. Penman
"Honestly, there wasn't anything that I did not enjoy about this trip. NatHab exceeded my expectations in every way. I approached the trip with an open mind but also a discerning eye in terms of value for money. As someone who has planned a lot of solo trips, I often catch myself wondering on a group tour whether I could have done the same trip myself for far less money. This trip was one in which I absolutely felt that I got outstanding value for my travel dollar and could not have replicated such an incredible experience on my own. And, again, I have to mention that being on an expedition led by John is one that simply can not be improved upon. While every aspect of this trip was terrific, I can unequivocally attribute my interest in doing more NatHab trips to him. If your other leaders are anything like John, I know that I could not get a better travel experience with any other tour operator."

L. Kulikowski
"Gavin was a really great leader - he took time to make sure everyone was comfortable, nobody had any questions, the questions we had were answered, etc. Every time an animal or plant was spotted, he made sure that everyone in the group had the opportunity to see it - he helped us zero in on what we were looking at. In short, he was SUPERIOR!"

J. Parrish
"I had high expectations for Borneo and was keen to go. In spite of this, my expectations were exceeded--not an easy thing to do. Lots of travel in this one, but can't think of one thing I would leave out in hindsight. Animals and birds absolutely FANTASTIC!! I've been to 23 countries so far...this among my finest trips. Stood up to my NatHab expectations of knowing I"m going to be on a thoughtfully prepared itinerary, well planned logistically, superbly guided trip. Whatever you're doing, keep on doing it. Your product is outstanding!"

T. Bridge
"We had splendid luck with the weather--rain never interrupted us. Lodgings were all comfortable enough, building to a peak with Borneo Rainforest Lodge. I saw all the game I had on my must do list--and saw orangs many more times than I thought possible. I cannot heap enough praise on Gavin. He really listens, is thoroughly polite, but also speaks directly and honestly when he needs to. I could tell he was always concerned about us and showed it. His spotting skills and related guiding are extremely professional. His bird knowledge was amazing. He worked hard to see that everyone was included in any viewing opportunity."

H. Christensen
“We enjoyed spending time in multiple locations. We enjoyed the animals, of course, but also the cultural events and the urban settings. Also the hiking. You have a keeper in Gavin. This was our fourth trip with NatHab and we'll certainly be back."

L. Karabensh
"The wildlife, the scenery, my fellow travel companions, and our guide Gavin are what I enjoyed most. Gavin was great in every aspect of the trip. He also had a great sense of humor. One of the better expedition leaders. Would definitely go on other trips with him."

B. Weiner
"If we could give our guide Gavin a 10 we would. He was one of the BEST leaders we've had in our lives(and we've had a lot of trips). Borneo is a much more beautiful country than we imagined, and we enjoyed viewing the wildlife the most."

L. Roberts
“Gavin was wonderful. Charming and very funny. We all had a blast with him. He was very attentive to details to make sure everything went smoothly. Would love to have him as an expedition leader in the future. The accommodations exceeded my expectations. Everything was great!”

J. Farley
“We have traveled to Galapagos, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, China, Papua New Ginea, Africa, and Australia and rate Gavin as the best leader we have had the pleasure of knowing. He had a vast knowledge and was an all around fun guy!! He saved me on several occasions when I encountered problems with my cameras. I consider him a friend, which does not normally happen in such a short time. The MOST enjoyment was actually seeing the creatures and plants in their natural environment.”

T. Markaway

“Gavin was the best leader I have had on any trip. He was well versed in the location, mammals, birds, photography, people skills, and it goes on! The information was given to us in small bites and then reiterated as needed. I loved the animals, being outside, and learning whether it be about the animals or birds or photography.”

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