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Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia

Discover a Stunning Abundance of Wildlife En Route to the White Continent!
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Departure Return Notes
10/17/2015 10/17/2015 10/30/2015 From $9,490, aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov
South Georgia In-Depth Itinerary
10/22/2015 10/22/2015 11/09/2015 From $12,980, aboard Sea Adventurer
Circumnavigation of South Georgia with the Falkland Islands Itinerary
10/23/2015 10/23/2015 11/10/2015 From $12,695, aboard Akademik Ioffe
Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica Itinerary
11/07/2015 11/07/2015 11/29/2015 From $22,430, aboard National Geographic Explorer
Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falklands Itinerary
11/22/2015 11/22/2015 12/10/2015 From $12,695, aboard Akademik Ioffe
Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica: Photography Symposium Itinerary
11/22/2015 11/22/2015 12/11/2015 From $12,795, aboard Ocean Diamond
Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica: Explorers and Kings Itinerary
12/08/2015 12/08/2015 12/19/2015 From $10,045, aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov
Ultimate Antarctica: Amongst Emperors & Kings Itinerary
12/13/2015 12/13/2015 01/01/2016 From $10,995, aboard Ocean Endeavour
Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica: Explorers and Kings Itinerary
12/18/2015 12/18/2015 01/09/2016 From $17,995, aboard Sea Adventurer
Falklands, South Georgia, & Crossing the Circle: Epic Antarctica Itinerary
12/19/2015 12/19/2015 12/29/2015 From $9,796, aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov
Antarctic Peninsula Explorer & the Falkland Islands Itinerary
12/30/2015 12/30/2015 01/18/2016 From $15,895, aboard Akademik Ioffe
Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica Itinerary
01/07/2016 01/07/2016 01/28/2016 From $18,980, aboard Sea Adventurer
Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falklands Itinerary
01/09/2016 01/09/2016 01/19/2016 From $9,795, aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov
Antarctic Peninsula Explorer & the Falkland Islands Itinerary
01/25/2016 01/25/2016 02/16/2016 From $22,430, aboard National Geographic Orion
Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falklands Itinerary
01/30/2016 01/30/2016 02/13/2016 From $12,995, aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov
Falkland Islands & South Georgia In-Depth Itinerary
02/13/2016 02/13/2016 02/23/2016 From $9,795, aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov
Antarctic Peninsula Explorer & the Falkland Islands Itinerary
02/14/2016 02/14/2016 03/07/2016 From $22,430, aboard National Geographic Orion
Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falklands Itinerary
02/15/2016 02/15/2016 03/08/2016 From $22,430, aboard National Geographic Explorer
Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falklands Itinerary
02/26/2016 02/26/2016 03/13/2016 From $19,995, aboard Sea Adventurer
Antarctic Express: Fly South, Cruise Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falklands Itinerary
03/06/2016 03/06/2016 03/23/2016 From $16,530, aboard National Geographic Explorer
South Georgia & the Falklands Itinerary
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Prices are per person based on double occupancy and are given in US Dollars. Single cabins may be available on ships without dedicated single cabins at higher rates. Some ship companies may raise rates without notice. Payment, cancellation and refund policies for Expedition Cruises vary according to the departure and ship chosen. Please call our office for details on specific voyages: 800-543-8917. At times, some expedition cruise companies impose fuel surcharges prior to departures. Please book these trips knowing that may occur.
Location of Adventure
Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia
Group Size Limit
Group size varies depending on expedition ship chosen. Contact an Adventure Specialist for more details.
Our Specialized 4x4 Land Rovers and Land Cruisers
Our Private Leaders
Inclusions vary from ship to ship, but all include shipboard accommodation and meals, shore landings and Zodiac excursions, services of an Expedition Leader, naturalist guides, and ship’s crew, educational presentations by the Expedition Team, port taxes and service charges. Some departures also include pre-cruise hotel accommodations and meals, airport transfers, some flights within South America, boots on loan, a parka, some gratuities, and/or emergency evacuation insurance. Please see Accommodations for a complete list of inclusions for each expedition ship.
Not Included
Exclusions vary from ship to ship, but none include flights from your home to South America, personal items (laundry, souvenirs, phone calls, etc), airport and departure taxes, passport and visa fees, optional travel insurance. Please see Accommodations for a complete list of exclusions for each expedition ship.
Physical Requirements
Easy to Moderate
You must be able to walk unassisted for a minimum of one mile over rough and uneven terrain including rocky beaches, snow, ice, and inclines in order to participate fully in this adventure. To participate in excursions ashore, you will also need to walk down a steep gangway (steel ramp with stairs) and climb into and out of inflatable Zodiacs, which can sometimes feel unstable depending on water conditions. Travel via Zodiac occurs over variable conditions and can sometimes be quite bumpy. If it's windy, you may get wet from sea spray. Travelers with back problems or other health issues that could be exacerbated by such conditions should take this into consideration. Travelers must be prepared for any type of weather, including extreme conditions. Daytime highs typically range from 30°F – 40°F on the Antarctic Peninsula and in the islands, but can drop well below freezing with high winds and wind chill. Nighttime temperatures may drop into the teens. Sea conditions during the Drake Passage crossing, which typically lasts two days, can be extremely rough, potentially causing issues for those who are sensitive to motion sickness. We recommend discussing medications with your personal physician if you are prone to motion sickness.
Important Information About This Trip
The tourist season in the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica is short, from late October to the end of March. The rest of the year, sea ice prohibits access to the continent, and perpetual darkness descends during the southern winter. Once spring arrives, Antarctica bursts into life. Each period of the austral summer travel season has its own highlights. The details below will give you an idea of what wildlife sightings and natural phenomena to expect when.

Late October-December (Spring/Early Summer)
Spring comes to the northern latitudes first, in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia by November, and to the South Shetland Islands in December, moving progressively farther down the Antarctic Peninsula and continent as the year continues. Warmer temperatures in December and 20+ hours of daylight (providing exceptional photography) mark the arrival of high season for tourism. As ice melts and steady sunlight bathes the region, an explosion of phytoplankton in areas of ocean upwelling provides food for a host of creatures – krill form the next rung on the food chain, sustaining squid and fish that are ultimately eaten by seabirds (including penguins), seals and whales that arrive to feast on summer’s bounty.

Visitors can expect to see :

• Crabeater seals (young are born between September and November)
• Southern Elephant seals courting in October and into November, and huge males aggressively guarding their harems until early December
• Humpback, minke and Southern right whales migrating into the area
• South Georgia's king penguin parents carrying eggs (laid in November) on their feet, while the other parent goes out to sea to feed
• "Oakum boys" — juvenile king penguin chicks from the previous season still covered in fluffy brown down
• Fur seals littering the beaches in South Georgia, with aggressive males ready to mate
• Courting penguins in the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula engaged in nest building and stone stealing. By late December, penguin chicks begin to hatch in the northerly realms, progressing south in January.
• Spectacular icebergs and floes as winter sea ice breaks up in bays and channels, providing haul-out spots for seals
• Spring flowers blooming in the Falkland Islands in November

January-February (Summer)
Warm temperatures continue, with daytime highs often in the 40s, though coastal temperatures are typically around freezing. Receding ice opens more coastal inlets and bays ever farther south. Wildlife activity is at its height, offering travelers the greatest variety of species and behavior to witness.

Visitors can expect to see:

• Young penguin chicks, most of which hatch in January. Colonies are very busy as parents scurry back and forth feeding their young.
• A multitude of seabirds: Some 35 species live south of the Antarctic Convergence, and 19 of these breed on the Antarctic continent itself. These include ocean-going pelagic species such as the albatrosses and petrels, and coastal species that feed close to shore, including skuas, cormorants, terns and sheathbills.
• Fur seal and leopard seal pups are visible on ice floes and abundant on the beaches in South Georgia.
• Whale sightings continue to increase, with whale watching is at its best in February, especially around South Georgia where multiple species are often visible in large numbers.

March (Autumn)
Dark nights return but daytime temperatures are still above zero. Travelers get a taste of the Antarctic winter to come.

Visitors can expect to see:

• Penguins molting, losing their fuzzy gray down and developing their adult plumage
• Plenty of whales – numbers remain excellent into March
• Fur seals along the peninsula and offshore islands
• More landscapes unveiled and hiking options opened as snow cover is at its lowest point
• Snow algae blooms, turning some slopes colorful shades of pink and green
• Fascinating patterns of thin sea ice on the ocean’s surface, created by deep night frosts
• The southern polar lights, or aurora australis, which may appear on clear nights
Mandatory Insurance
Getting There & Getting Home
Different ships and departures have different arrival and departure requirements. Some departures include a pre-cruise overnight stay in the city of embarkation. Please call our office for details about different departures, as we are prepared to handle all your round-trip travel arrangements. We can best serve you if our Natural Habitat Adventures Travel Desk makes your reservations, as our staff is intimately familiar with the special requirements of this program and can arrange the most efficient travel. Please call us at 1-800-543-8917. Note that while we offer you the best possible rates available to us on airfare and additional nights' accommodations, you may find special web rates or better fares online.

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Physical Requirements

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