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Call (800) 543-8917
King penguins, South Georgia Island, Antarctic CruiseAntarctic Peninsula, AntarcticaKing penguins, South Georgia IslandAntarctic Peninsula, AntarcticaHumpback whale near Brabant Island, Antarctic Peninsula, AntarcticaWeddell seal, Paradise Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, AntarcticaSouth Georgia Island King penguins and elephant seals, South Georgia IslandGiant albatross, Falkland IslandsSt. Andrew's Bay, South GeorgiaGentoo penguins, Antarctic Peninsula, AntarcticaWeddell seals, Antarctic Peninsula, AntarcticaKing penguins and elephant seals, Gold Harbor, South Georgia
Colin McNulty: River of penguin, Zodiac and iceberg, ship in ice field, pink clouds 
Alek Komarnitsky: Penquins and red jackets, Penguin quartet, flying albatross
Ted Martens: Whale and iceberg, Weddell seal
Peter Harrison: Weddell seals on ice
Tom Arban: St. Andrew's Bay
Sonia Surguy: Swimming Gentoo penguins
Michael S. Nolan: Elephant seals and kings penguins
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Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia

Discover a Stunning Abundance of Wildlife En Route to the White Continent!
A. Swinford
"I never thought I would say that everyone should go to Antarctica in their lifetime, but I think everybody should go to Antarctica in their lifetime. I experienced one of the magical days of my lifetime on this trip and I have Laurie, our guide, to thank for it."

L. Cobbe
“I took more pictures during this trip than the whole of my life put together. I just wanted to capture it all, and I wanted my time there never to end.”

B. Saint Germain
“What excellent leaders and specialists!”

J. Sadler
“Kara is the ultimate professional: organized, well spoken, personable, bright, and capable. I loved the zodiac landings and the opportunity to explore on our own – with plenty of time.”

B. Nemlaha
“For 20-plus years of adventure travel, this was the best guide ever.”

M. Cooper-Smith
“Antarctica was truly a trip of a lifetime! South Georgia Island was amazing – the scenery, penguins, and seals were wonderful to see.”

B. Barnard
“There’s nothing else to say: this trip was SPECTACULAR!”

C. Monaco
“We are totally spoiled by traveling with NatHab and the level of superior service, knowledgeable staff, and excellent wildlife viewing you provide. This trip was spectacular – we saw so much wildlife, even more than I’d hoped for. I really give a lot of credit to our expedition leader, Conrad, for knowing where to go and how to best maximize our time.”

M & S Gingolaski
“Awesome!!!!!! Our guides’ enthusiasm, knowledge, and sense of humor added greatly to the trip. They each were able to share facts and figures on the subject and make it understandable, but especially they were able to share their joy of the subject matter. I learned a lot and it was fun!”

K. Lomberk
“Our guides had awesome spirits throughout the trip and made it feel like everything we got to do was special and unique from others. Everyone else was very helpful and great to just chat with at dinner and lunch as well as give lectures on topics they were keen about.”

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