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The "Grizzly Ship"


Katmai, Alaska

Our "grizzly ship," the M/V Kittiwake, was originally built for the U.S. Army for patrol work in the Aleutian Islands and later transferred to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for use in research and monitoring. It has since been converted and comfortably appointed for custom marine charter use, and it remains an ideal vessel that is perfectly designed for exploring these waters. The Kittiwake is 73 feet long with a deep displacement hull, a very seaworthy design with a high bow and a fine horseshoe stern. It carries a full complement of modern, state-of-the-art navigation and safety equipment. 

Inside, the ship is intimate and simple yet offers ample space and facilities for our activities, accommodating a maximum of eight travelers in four guest cabins with upper/lower bunks. Guests share two toilets and two showers. A well-lit galley and dining space are the site for convivial conversation over excellent meals, and the ship also has a small library, computer, DVD and CD player on board.

A central element of this adventure is our shore excursions that take place in Zodiac rafts carried on board. We frequently make wet landings (just offshore, where your feet may get wet), but tall rubber boats are provided to keep your feet dry. 

Please note: On occasion we may use a different but similar vessel for our grizzly trips.