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Savuti Camp


Linyanti Reserve, Botswana

Situated in the southern part of the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve in northern Botswana, Savuti Camp is built on the banks of the Savute Channel, the Okavango Delta’s most famous waterway, in the heart of a legendary wildlife region best known for its large number of predators.

Accommodating 14 guests in seven large walk-in tents, Savuti Camp is a small and intimate enclave in an isolated area, far from any crowds. Each tent has its own bathroom with a shower, hand basin and flush toilet. There is a separate dining room and pub under reed and thatch, as well as a plunge pool.

The channel has been in flux in recent decades, creating an ever-shifting habitat for a wide range of wildlife. It stopped flowing between 1980 and 2008, and what was a once hippo-filled river became wide-open grasslands. In 2008, the Savute Channel once more became a deep, clear waterway harboring hippos, aquatic life, and myriad water birds. A new source of water has created both opportunities and challenges for local wildlife, which have had to adapt to a shifting environment. Since the waterhole in front of Savuti Camp is the only supply for a large area in the dry winter months (summer in North America), one of the highlights here is the fantastic wildlife viewing directly from the camp. Besides the normal plains game, the area has good concentrations of roan, sable antelope and southern giraffe. All the predators are found in the area -- lion, leopard, cheetah, spotted hyena and wild dog. Game-viewing activities include day and night drives and walks with an armed guide. There are also a number of hides where guests can view animals quietly and safely away from vehicles.