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Prince of Wales Hotel

Waterton Lake

Perched serenely on a bluff overlooking Waterton Lake, the Prince of Wales Hotel re-imagines a cozy Swiss chalet with its soaring roofs, gables and artistic balconies—all creating a romantic alpine feel. Constructed in 1927 by the Great Northern Railway, the hotel first lured prohibition era guests to Canada for an exclusive and carefree getaway. Guest rooms offer lovely ambiance with hardwood wainscoting, comfortable upholstered chairs and gorgeous views of the crystal-blue lake or majestic Canadian Rockies. En suite baths include European-style tubs with wrap around curtains and a quaint washbasin. A stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel hearkens back to a bygone era, when graceful simplicity and architectural beauty were the paragons of a peaceful retreat.

Please note: Prince of Wales Hotel is only used for Glacier departures including the Waterton Lakes itinerary.