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Londolozi Camps


The history of Londolozi reaches back more than 80 years, when the Varty and Taylor families settled on this piece of vast, untouched bush with a vision of its conservation. The mighty Sand River sprawled before them, and the sounds of wildlife were constantly on the air. And so they set out to demonstrate the viability of wildlife conservation in tandem with sustainable land use. Paying homage to these noble roots, guests to Londolozi visit one of the greatest conservation efforts on Earth. The area is home to the famous “leopards of Londolozi,” made famous through research and film. Guests view the prolific wildlife of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve on foot and by 4x4. Every turn unveils a new discovery and a new lesson in modern conservation.

Tree Camp

Set high in the canopy of the surrounding leadwood trees, your perch is one of simplicity and elegance. Tree Camp’s six suites have all the appointments, from private decks to visiting elephants at the river below, not a detail is missing. The large thatch chalets are tucked in the woods, and the walls of windows bring the feel of the outdoors in. Each chalet has a private lounge, swimming pool and plush décor. Or, if you prefer some interaction, a relaxing main lounge and sweeping shared deck await you as well. A visit to the private spa might also be in order after a day of adventure in the bush.

Granite Suites
Boldly designed of granite rock with contemporary contrasts, this ultra-exclusive camp is comprised of just three grand villas. Each of the villas blends impeccably with the outdoor environs, as floor-to-ceiling windows and open spaces create an unobstructed view of the stunning bushveld and Sand River below. If the day’s explorations have you begging for relaxation, then a dip in your private pool, a visit to the spa, or some time browsing in the main library might be just what you need to renew your senses before your next walk or 4x4 excursion among the Sabi Sand’s famed wildlife.

Varty Camp
It is on this site that ideas about conservation of these lands developed around the campfire at the Vartys’ Sparta hunting camp. And today, the camp still carries the pulse of Londolozi. Each of the 10 chalets has a private pool and all the comfortable appointments, but in keeping with the family feel that pervades the camp, a down-to-earth atmosphere prevails. Private decks and a cozy main area invite socializing beneath the tree canopy deep in the riverine forest. This is the camp where Londolozi began.

Founder’s Camp
Set directly on the banks of the Sand River in the shade of mature ebony trees, this is a classic safari camp whose spirit has been constructed over 30 years by dedicated staff and enthusiastic visitors alike. Each of the seven chalets maintains authentic safari style with dark woods, explorers’ chests and traditional colonial decor. The main area, built on a system of tiered decks, reaches out across the river to provide a bird’s eye view into the bush. High thatched ceilings and a casual, open-air environment make this camp feel like a home away from home, and a fabulous spot to return to after the day’s explorations.

Pioneer Camp
There is no greater account of Londolozi’s rich history than that which bedecks the walls and shelves of this small, intimate camp. This is the site where the Varty & Taylor families spent the first morning on their land, and it is within this 500-year-old riverine forest that you also experience the magic of Londolozi firsthand. Comprised of just three small suites --each designed in the British colonial style but with African flair -- exclusivity, romance and history set the character of this camp. The main area is the size of a private home and has an interactive open kitchen, which only adds to the sensation of being among the first pioneers to discover the splendor of Londolozi.