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Expedition Gers & Tent Camps


Mongolia backcountry

In order to afford as much flexibility as possible while tracking snow leopards in remote areas, we will spend many nights in gers and expedition-style tented camps. Gers (the Mongolian term for yurts) are the traditional portable dwellings of Mongolian herders. These roomy round structures are handmade using a wooden lattice frame covered with layers of heavy wool felt and canvas, and some have wood-burning stoves.

Our top-quality Marmot dome tents are also spacious, providing room to stand up while comfortably accommodating two persons and their gear in a space built to house up to six. Two generous D-shaped doors prevent logjams, while handy, removable hanging pockets in the vestibule keep odds and ends in good order. Multiple fly vents provide plenty of ventilation while rugged canopy and floor fabrics sustain intensive use. 

Gers and tents accommodate two people each and are equipped with sturdy foldable cots, including full bedding and extra blankets to ensure your warmth and comfort. Restroom facilities consist of a field toilet surrounded by a privacy tent, and hot-water mobile camping showers. There will be a limited number of showers each day. A mess tent will be erected for preparing meals, in addition to a dining tent where our group can relax and eat in comfort while sheltered from the elements. In these remote regions electricity is not available, so a small, powerful flashlight or headlamp (with extra or solar rechargeable batteries) is essential.