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Chico Hot Springs Resort


Pray, Montana

This historic resort is located in the heart of the Paradise Valley just north of Yellowstone National Park. In the shadow of the Absaroka Range, Chico Hot Springs Lodge has been a popular destination for visitors since it was built in 1900, when the original warm mineral water was channeled into a therapeutic bathing "plunge." Today, the greatly expanded resort retains its rustic charm yet offers a variety of accommodations, each with its own ambiance and modern amenities. The Chico Dining Room is duly famous on its own, drawing locals and Hollywood celebrities alike for fresh, creative fine-dining fare. Much of the produce is sourced from the resort's own garden. Outdoors, two open-air mineral pools invite a relaxing dip—temperatures average 96F degrees in one pool, and 103F in the other—just right for a soothing soak after an invigorating day in the wilds!