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Brooks Lodge


Brooks Falls, Katmai Nat'l Park

World famous Brooks lodge provides one of the best places on earth to easily view grizzly bears at close range! From the rustic cabins, it is a mile walk to the falls where bears fish for salmon in preparation for winter's freeze. In September, bears are everywhere in the area (not just at the falls). Accommodations here are rustic but comfortable and require 3 to 4 travelers to share rooms for two nights. Here, we match travelers by gender (or by couples, depending on the group). The cabins have bunk beds and private bathroom facilities. Any inconvenience caused by the shared cabins is well worth it, as the bears provide a spectacular show!

Image 1 (C) Scott Moran
Image 2 (C) Jim Albert
Image 3, 4 (C) Jim Brock
Image 5 (C) Melissa Ackerman
Image 6 (C) Mona Jackson