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Natural Habitat's Base Camp Greenland

Sermilik Fjord, East Greenland

Natural Habitat’s Base Camp Greenland offers an exclusive taste of luxury in the Arctic, surrounded by raw wilderness. Though it’s located in one of the most remote places on the planet, guests will revel in comforts usually reserved for far more civilized locales. More expedition lodge than “camp,” Base Camp Greenland accommodations are provided in individual safari-style tent cabins that house two persons each. Each spacious cabin is warmed by an individual heater, though long summer days here are typically mild, sunny and dry. Cabins have twin beds outfitted with cozy duvets and comfortable pillows, deck chair, a carpet runner, and an en suite dry toilet and sink. Showers are taken in separate bathhouses segregated by gender. Each cabin also has a large private veranda where guests can relax and enjoy a panorama of the Greenland wilderness as they sip drinks chilled with chips of 10,000-year-old ice straight from the Greenland Ice Cap. Guests enjoy social time in the lodge common room, which houses the kitchen and dining area and serves as a lecture space for presentations. Excellent meals are created by our camp chef, with fresh and varied ingredients arriving regularly.

A hallmark of Base Camp Greenland is its eco-friendly construction and operation. In such a pristine environment, we take every care to ensure that our footprint is minimal. A true eco-camp, lodge facilities are set up for two months in the summer and taken down each year, to reduce impact. In order to accomplish this, water piping and plumbing systems must be relatively simple and located in only one building—thus our shower block that is separate from the individual cabins. Camp solid waste is disposed of in a biodegradable manner at the municipal dump in Tasiilaq – nothing whatsoever is left on site. Only biodegradable soap is used in the kitchen and showers. Though the Arctic summer offers nearly 24-hour daylight, the dining and kitchen tent have lights.