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Ancon Cana Field Station


Darien National Park, Panama

Ancon Cana Field Station sits at 1,600 feet in the heart of 1.2 million-acre Darien National Park. Accessible only by aircraft, the field station, which serves the needs of both ecotourism and scientific research, is a comfortable base for expeditions into some of the world’s best birding territory in the surrounding rainforest. Accommodations are in 10 bedrooms with 2 single beds, and 2 bedrooms with 1 double bed. Each room has a night table with portable battery-powered lamp. Beds have semi-orthopedic mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases, but nighttime temperatures are usually in the 70s F, so guests may need only a sheet. All rooms are screened. Guests share 4 full bathrooms (toilets and showers) and hot water for showers is provided by solar panels dedicated solely for this purpose. Individual towels are provided for each guest, and towels and sheets are changed every 2 nights.

A small power generator (110V) provides electricity for 1-1/2 hours in the morning until breakfast time and for the same amount of time in the evenings. The generator provides electricity to light the bedrooms, hallway, bathrooms and dormitory balconies and for the dining area, kitchen and staff quarters. Outlets are available for guests who wish to charge batteries for their electronic equipment.

A separate building houses the dining hall and kitchen. The entire building is screened-in, but it also has an ample open balcony. Depending on the weather, meals will be served on tables set up in the balcony facing the river. Meals in Cana are served family-style. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated if notice is provided in advance. Self-service drinking water, coffee and tea are always on offer in the dining room. Soft drinks, beer and wine are available for sale.