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Travel Leisure

Travel+Leisure, May 2016
Why Now is the Time to Travel to Canada - Spot Polar Bears in Churchill

"You’ll want to see the polar bears in Churchill... NHA’s roller sleep train Tundra Lodge ensures the ability to observe the animals in their natural habitat."
Travel Leisure

Travel + Leisure, May 2016
The Best National Parks Tour Operators and Packages

"Ready for your next national park adventure? Look no further than these top ten outfitters and experiences."
The New York Times

The New York Times, April 2016
How to Travel the Earth and Protect It, Too

"We’ve put together a guide to traveling while keeping your footprint light."
The New York Times

The New York Times, April 2016
5 Hotels and 5 Tours for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

"Natural Habitat Adventures plans to offer a new trip, Wild Peru, this summer. Focusing on conservation and scientific research, the 12-day tour is a sampler of climates."
National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Travel, April/May 2016
Go Deep: Guided Safaris Into the Heart of Africa

"Ernest Hemingway is just one of the many travelers who have fallen for the epic landscapes and vast wildlife gatherings of East Africa. You may too, on an 'Ultimate Kenya & Tanzania Safari' with Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund."

Fortune, March 2016
How Corporate America Is Tackling Wildlife Trafficking

"International criminal syndicates have been engineering industrial-scale killings of elephants, tigers, turtles and other fish and animal species."

Forbes, February 2016
Unusual Arctic Safari For A Privileged 15 At Luxury Base Camp In Greenland

"Now you can find the same comfort as on a luxury safari, as Natural Habitat Adventures has expanded facilities at its deluxe Base Camp Greenland, just below the Arctic Circle on the island’s remote east coast."
Huffington Post

Huffington Post, February 2016
5 Odd Animals You Never Knew Existed (And How To Meet Them)

"While these animals may not star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio anytime soon, nor likely to be chosen as supporting cast for the next Disney blockbuster, they're still in need of attention."
Men's Journal

Men's Journal, January 2016
Polar Bear Hotel: Tundra Lodge, Churchill, Manitoba: Way Off the Grid Lodges

"There are only 20,000 polar bears left on the planet, and the best place to see them is a 29-room off-road rolling lodge that heads to the bears' summering grounds along Canada's Hudson Bay."
The Guardian

The Guardian, January 2016
10 of the best long-haul adventure holidays

"Get out of your comfort zone with these trips to less-visited parts of the world, from driving down Jordan’s desert highway to tackling high peaks in Mongolia."
Boston Globe

Boston Globe, January 2016
Polar Sail Adds Flight Option

"Get a taste of how early explorers encountered Antarctica on Natural Habitat Adventures’ 12- to 17-day Antarctica Sailing Expedition: The Ultimate Polar Nature Adventure."
Got Science

Got Science, January 2016
Alaska Wildlife Photography: Behind the Scenes

"My name is Max Goldberg, and you may have seen multiple stories and photos of my adventures in Alaska last summer.'"
Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune, December 2015
'Wild Side' China tour drops in on the pandas

"Natural Habitat Adventures has two choices in its new Wild Side of China trips, one aimed specifically at photographers."
Tech Insider

Tech Insider, December 2015
13 extraordinary gifts for absurdly wealthy science fanatics

"Most of us have limits on what we spend for Christmas. But in a world with no limits, what would you spring for?"
Men's Journal

Men's Journal, November 2015
Skip the Sweater: Give the Gift of an Experience They'll Never Forget [Experience the Great African River Safari

"This is the safari of a lifetime: Seven travelers first take to a privately chartered riverboat navigating the backwaters of the Chobe River through the heart of the southern African wild."
LA Times

LA Times, November 2015
Have your own 'African Queen' moment on a riverboat cruise and safari

"The new 10-day itinerary, offered by Natural Habitat Adventures, begins in Livingstone, Zambia, with a tour of nearby Victoria Falls National Park."
Inside Hook

Inside Hook, November 2015
Embrace Your Inner Tarzan. Politely, of Course.

"To help you escape to somewhere greener/warmer, we present five jungle retreats suited for the modern day Tarzan."
USA Today 10Best

USA Today 10Best, November 2015
Polar Bear Week: On Safari in Churchill, Manitoba

"In the tiny town of Churchill, Manitoba (nicknamed the Polar Bear Capital of the World) temperatures are dropping and snow is beginning to fall."

AFAR, November 2015
8 U.S. National Parks You Need to See in Your Lifetime

"The trick to a meaningful U.S. National Park visit? See the main attractions, but spend most of your time beneath the well-trodden surface."
Yahoo! Travel

Yahoo! Travel, October 2015
Last Chance to See the Northern Lights Before They Dim for a Decade

"Gazing up at the northern lights often appears on travelers’ bucket lists, but after next year, they’re going to be much more difficult to see."
LA Times

LA Times, September 2015
Experience the many ways to explore Yellowstone

"If you love Yellowstone and can happily do without the crowds, do it in winter. It's glorious and uncrowded, and you can appreciate the solitude and silence. It's a whole other experience."
Shape Magazine

Shape, September 2015
7 Adventure Vacations to Take for the Fitness Thrill of It

"From hiking in Greenland to surfing in Hawaii, these fitness-focused travel destinations will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and get moving.", September 2015
Luxury yacht setting sail to Galapagos Islands in 2016

"A new luxury yacht sailing the Galapagos Islands will debut early next year with a series of adventure voyages."
Virtuoso Sustainable Tourism Award

Virtuoso Awards, August 2015
Nat Hab Wins Prestigious Sustainable Tourism Award

"International luxury travel network Virtuoso has announced Natural Habitat Adventures as the 2015 winner of its prestigious Sustainable Tourism Leadership award! The award recognizes Nat Hab's leadership and commitment to sustainable tourism principles and practices."
Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune, August 2015
14-day excursion visits nature reserves that are home to orangutans, other wildlife

"Wild orangutans are found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, so if you've been dying to see them, you might want to latch on to a package from Natural Habitat Adventures."
Virtuoso Life Magazine

Virtuoso Life Magazine, August 2015
Northern Exposure

"Eric Rock has served as Natural Habitat Adventures' head naturalist and guide for 16 years, leading safaris and photography tours of Alaska, the high Arctic, and this year, the company's new base camp in Greenland."
Huffington Post

Huffington Post, August 2015
Majestic Photos Of Wild Animals Are Inspiration To Travel Responsibly

"Ask any wildlife photographer who travels the globe, and you’ll hear that exploration comes with a heavy burden of responsibility when animals are involved. "
CNN Traveler

CNN Traveler, August 2015
11 of the world's best snorkeling destinations

"It can be frustrating to try to find a spectacular snorkeling destination that hasn't been taken over by crowds. We asked a few marine experts to share some of their favorite places to snorkel."
Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly, August 2015
Natural Habitat Adventures offers chance to see Alaskan grizzlies up close

"Natural Habitat Adventures is offering travelers the chance to see Alaska’s wildlife up close with its Alaska’s Coastal Grizzlies: Kodiak to Katmai package."
Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler, June 2015
What's Hot for 2015

"After camping out with penguins in Antarctica, gazing up at the Northern Lights in Lapland and bouncing over frozen lava fields in Iceland, what's the next cold-weather kick? Fix your icy stare across the Arctic Circle on Greenland."

TIME, April 2015
These 6 Wilderness Retreats Will Have You Dreaming of the Great Outdoors

"Hidden among the world’s mountains, deserts, glaciers, and forests, these six stays offer intrepid travelers singular experiences in spectacular settings."

Travel + Leisure, March 2015
New to Manitoba: Aurora Borealis Views, Minus the Freezing Part

"Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Aurora Pod, which debuts this month. Parked on the outskirts of the remote Canadian town, the custom-built structure affords unobstructed 360-degree views of the night sky through its geometric glass roof and surrounding walls."

USA Today 10Best, March 2015
Galapagos Voted Best Place for Wildlife

"USA TODAY 10Best teamed up with wildlife travel experts from Natural Habitat Adventures to name the world's Best Place for Wildlife. Two wildlife-centric destinations fought tooth and nail to be crowned Best Place for Wildlife, but in the end the Galapagos Islands came out on top."

Outside Magazine, March 2015
2015 Travel Awards: Nat Hab's Base Camp Greenland Wins “Best Splurge”

"Natural Habitat Adventures’ brand-new eco base as close to a luxurious safari-style camp as you can get in these parts. Set on Sermilik Fjord at the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet, one of the least explored regions of the Arctic, the camp is within view of 5,000-foot peaks that plunge into the sea."

Men's Journal, February 2015
Way Off the Grid Lodges for Your Next Trip

"There are only 20,000 polar bears left on the planet, and the best place to see them is [Natural Habitat's] 29-room off-road rolling lodge that heads to the bears' summering grounds along Canada's Hudson Bay."
The New York Times

New York Times "In Transit" Travel Blog, February 2015
A Myanmar Trip With Nature as Focus

"In what Natural Habitat Adventures says is the first nature-focused tour in Myanmar (formerly Burma), visitors will see a little-explored side of the country that was off limits to most Americans until recently because of political sanctions."

Luxury Travel Magazine, February 2015
Namibia: In Search of the Desert Rhino

"The world's premier nature travel company, Natural Habitat Adventures has created a safari expedition for travelers to learn in depth while in the company of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) scientists and rhino conservation experts about Namibia’s endangered black rhinoceros."

Smarter Travel, January 2015
Cuba: Best Dream Trips for 2015

"If You Go: Natural Habitat's Undiscovered Cuba tours give you the chance to experience Old Havana's restored architecture, lively salsa music, and big 1950s American cars cruising the streets."

Travel + Leisure, January 2015
Best Places to See the Northern Lights

"Reserve a room at the NHA’s rolling sleeper-train Tundra Lodge for unparalleled proximity to bears in their natural habitat coupled with a chance to see the [northern] lights."

USA Today 10Best, January 2015
Vote for the Best Place to See Wildlife!

"USA TODAY teamed up with wildlife experts from Natural Habitat Adventures to select 20 nominees for the 10Best Readers' Choice category of Best Place for Wildlife; the nominees span the globe, from remote islands in the Pacific to the wilds of Africa to national parks within our own borders."

Travel Weekly, January 2015
Kings of the Arctic

"I booked a late-October departure with Colorado-based Nat Hab. Of the myriad wildlife encounters it offers in more than 40 countries around the world, Churchill is its most popular."

Dallas Morning News, December 2014
Five Must-see Destinations for 2015

"Natural Habitat Adventures’ 12-day Undiscovered Cuba tour (from $7,695 per person) focuses largely on Cuba’s flora and fauna. In addition to Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, highlights include Zapata National Park, encompassing more than a million acres of grasslands, forest and lagoons, and the mountains and caves of the Viñales Valley."

Los Angeles Times, December 2014
Myanmar and Thailand: Tour takes In-depth Look at Nature

"Natural Habitat Adventures’ 13-day tour of Myanmar and Thailand offers an in-depth look at the countries’ little-known national parks and wildlife reserves."

USA Today Online, December 2014
Love Bear Watching? This Alaska Cruise is For You

"Natural Habitat Adventures has chartered a ship solely for bear watching along Alaska's rugged coast between mid-June and mid-September. The cruise package, "Alaska's Coastal Grizzlies: Kodiak to Katmai" promises to take passengers as close as safely possible to the largest coastal grizzlies in the world."

Huffington Post, December 2014
Tundra Lodge Puts You Face To Face With Polar Bears In Northern Manitoba

"The the Tundra Lodge is a hotel on wheels that takes guests deep into the province's polar bear country, where they have up-close encounters with the Arctic animals now being threatened by climate change."

UK Daily Mail Online, December 2014
The Real Polar Express! Rolling Train Hotel that Offers Round the Clock Bear-Viewing

"[Natural Habitat Adventures'] Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel in Manitoba, Canada, is a custom rolling getaway where guests can enjoy regular visits from [polar bears]. Guests can stay warm from the comfort of one of 32 rooms on-board the train - which boasts a large lounge area for viewing the bears."

National Geographic Travel, December 2014
Best Winter Trips of 2015: Natural Habitat Adventures' Monarch Butterfly Migration, Mexico

"Since tourist services are limited and getting to the colonies can be difficult, book an all-inclusive excursion such as Natural Habitat Adventures' Kingdom of the Monarchs tour, which includes ground transportation, lodging and meals, and naturalist-led butterfly hikes."

The Boulder Weekly, November 2014
A Gypsy in the Snow

"A wounded dog in Manitoba, Canada finds a new lease on life and a new home on the Front Range [thanks to a Natural Habitat Adventures group]."

Fodor's Travel, November 2014
5 Safaris That Help Save Wildlife

"In partnership with Natural Habitat Adventures, WWF offers a range of gorilla safaris including The Great Uganda Gorilla Safari, on which travelers take multiple treks through Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to experience humbling face-to-face encounters with the majestic mountain gorilla."

Fox News, November 2014
From a Glass Igloo to a Lodge on Wheels -- the Most Amazing Ways to See the Northern Lights

"Thinking of heading north after January? You’ll be right in time for the new Aurora Pod. The one-of-a-kind structure, featuring a glass roof and waist-up glass walls, is designed to provide 360-degree views of the northern lights."

Boston Globe, November 2014
Mexico’s Friendly Whales: Go ahead and Pet Them

"Hill’s trip to San Ignacio from Loreto was arranged by Natural Habitat Adventures, a partner of the World Wildlife Fund... Nat Hab [offers] multi-day trips, including transportation, four nights’ lodging, all meals, and two guided whale trips a day."

CNN Travel, October 2014
Perfect pictures: 9 of the world's best photography vacations

"Natural Habitat Adventures' eight-day Alaska photo tour is a luxe, eco-friendly trip for a maximum of eight travelers that gets close to the famed and feared bears. The draw is exclusive floatplane access to the remote waterways of bear-filled Katmai National Park and Preserve."

Lonely Planet, October 2014
Top 10 sheepish travel encounters for the Chinese Year of the Sheep

"Seeing [Barbary sheep] in the wild requires time, patience and good local knowledge: WWF-US runs tours to the Sahara and Atlas Mountains in Morocco, one of the sheep’s native habitats. Check out and their partner Natural Habitat Adventures at"

Chicago Tribune, October 2014
Guide to the northern lights

"Natural Habitat Adventures has a new Aurora Pod at its facilities near Churchill, Manitoba. The pod has a glass top and sides that offer 360-degree views of the aurora borealis in a heated atmosphere with reclining seats."

Yahoo! Travel, October 2014
Get Up Close And Personal with the Cutest Wild Polar Bears Ever

"I left Churchill extremely thankful that there remains a place in the world where polar bears still roam free, and that I was fortunate enough to spend some time in their world, captive and captivated by their fearsome charms."

Yahoo! Travel, September 2014
Feel Great Now: 8 Ways to Save a Rhino Today

"Natural Habitat Adventures is excited to launch a new conservation-focused rhino safari in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund. “Namibia: In Search of the Desert Rhino” includes meetings with Save the Rhino Trust staff and local conservation leaders, as well as guided bush walks to track rhinos on foot and small-group safaris in Etosha National Park."

Chicago Tribune, August 2014
Following the Monarchs to Mexico

"Natural Habitat Adventures offers six- and seven-day trips from January through early March to enjoy the [monarch butterfly migration]. Both trips include outings, generally by horseback, into butterfly sanctuaries in the vicinity of the mountain village of Angangueo, west of Mexico City."

The Wall Street Journal, August 2014
A Swim With Mexico's Massive Whale Sharks

"For my [whale shark] trip, I chose Natural Habitat Adventures, a U.S.-based outfit I'd traveled with previously. I liked the fact that the company's trips focus on wildlife conservation (it has a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, and a portion of trip fees go to WWF programs)."

Travel + Leisure, July 2014
Best Places to See Baby Animals

"The Churchill region of Manitoba is by far the most accessible place to spot polar bears. They gather along the headlands overlooking Hudson Bay each fall in anticipation of the water icing over...Natural Habitat Adventures is [a] local operator there."

Outside Magazine, May 2014
What Natural Wonders Do I Need to See Before They Are Lost to Global Warming?

"Monarch Butterflies: Natural Habitat Adventures operates six-day trips, led by naturalists, to the heart of the monarch butterfly’s breeding grounds in Angangueo, Mexico, a village among the volcanic mountains at the country’s geographic center."

Mashable, May 2014
10 Wildlife Adventures You Must See Before They Go Extinct

"The World Wildlife Fund highlighted some of the most exciting wildlife adventures in the world. These tours give travelers a backstage pass to some of nature's wildest adventures, as well as a chance to catch a glimpse at some of earth's most vulnerable species."

Huffington Post, May 2014
Pack Your Trunks: Here Are 20 Perfect Trips For People Who Love Animals

"The world's biggest congregation of polar bears occurs each fall in the Canadian province of Manitoba...We're partial to [Nat Hab's] Tundra Lodge, a rolling hotel that is positioned (and repositioned) to offer guests the best in luxury polar bear viewing options."

New York Times, April 2014
Pink Dolphins and Sunsets Along the Amazon

"Andrea Reynolds, an adventure specialist and expedition leader for Natural Habitat Adventures, later told me that she was shocked to see so many pink river dolphins. Ms. Reynolds was the perfect companion, willing to indulge in a frosty beer on the skiffs, and a knowledgeable animal enthusiast on the jungle walk and skiff excursions."

Epicure & Culture, April 14
Eco-Conscious On The Road: Amazing Travel Companies That Can Help You To Save The Planet

"In addition to their wide selection of trips, in 2007 NHA became the world’s first carbon-neutral company, offsetting all of the emissions from transport, accommodations, and trip excursions as well as all their internal office operations."

Outside Magazine, March 2014
2014 Travel Awards: Natural Habitat Adventures' Monarch Butterfly Trips Ranked "Best Travel Strategies" in the Go Wild Category

"Colorado-based Natural Habitat Adventures has been a leader in wildlife trips since 1985. Each January to March, it leads a six-day adventure on foot and horseback into the forested Sierra Madre of central Mexico looking for monarch butterflies in their wintering grounds."

New York Times "In Transit" Travel Blog, March 2014
In Greenland, a Safari-Style Camp

"With few tourist facilities and an ice cap that takes up about 80 percent of its land mass, Greenland is not an easy place to visit. But Natural Habitat Adventures is building a new safari-style camp on Greenland’s east coast, offering a comfortable way to experience the island’s remote glaciers, icebergs and mountains."

CNN Travel, March 2014
11 Wildlife Experiences That Could Vanish in Your Lifetime

"Given the difficulty of spotting giant pandas in the wild, only a small number of tour operators exist. The WWF-partnered Natural Habitat Adventures' Wild Side of China tour (13 days from $9,595 per person; +1 303 449 3711) includes a visit to China's Chengdu Giant Panda Base and rare access to a panda sanctuary to search for them in the wild."

CNN Travel, March 2014
Big Thrills: 50 Ways to be a Daredevil

"For many, making it all the way up to Antarctica is enough. But in order to cross it off this list, you'll need to get into the water. You can get there by flying to the southern tip of the world in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to take a boat to the Antarctic. We recommend Natural Habitat Expeditions as a discovery tour."

Budget Travel, March 2014
How to Find an Affordable African Safari

"It can be daunting to know where to start looking [for safari camps]. One option is a unique new online safari-planning tool called It's a visually enticing, easy-to-use database that provides detailed information on nine African safari countries; parks, reserves and safari routes through those destinations; and a carefully vetted collection of several hundred high-quality camps, with reviews from actual travelers."

Travel + Leisure, January 2014
Coolest Up-Close Animal Encounters

"Each fall scores of polar bears migrate from their summer digs in the boreal forest of northern Manitoba onto the frozen (and seal-rich) Hudson Bay. Smack-dab in the middle of their route is Churchill, which boasts a polar bear patrol and “prison” for bears who decide to linger in town. Natural Habitat Adventures maintains a remote tundra lodge rolled into the heart of bear country for up-close encounters."

The Weather Channel, January 2014
Traveling Green: 10 of the Best Ecotourism Trips

"The Wilds of Borneo trip offered by Natural Habitat Adventures gives travelers the opportunity to revel in the remaining rain forests and the abundant wildlife located there....The trek takes tourists from Kuching, Borneo into Bako National Park, the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and the Selingan Turtle Island."

CNN Travel, November 2013
CNN Joins Natural Habitat's Polar Bear Photo Tour!

"In November 2013, a CNN news crew joined a Nat Hab polar bear photography trip in Churchill. Watch as they encounter their first polar bear on the tundra from one of our giant Polar Rovers."

ABC News, November 2013
100-Year-Old Woman Fulfills Bucket List Dream to See Polar Bears in the Wild

"[Natural Habitat Adventures] decided to surprise Bailey with a week-long trip to Churchill, Manitoba in October, an experience she says she'll never forget."

Outside Magazine, March 2013
2013 Travel Awards: Natural Habitat Adventures Ranked "Best Outfitter"

"Natural Habitat Adventures rose above the rest. For the past 28 years, the Boulder, Colorado, company's goal has been to immerse clients in wilderness and employ naturalists to show them the world's most charismatic megafauna in 40 countries, from polar bears in Manitoba to tigers in India."

Outside Magazine, 2008 - 2012
Natural Habitat Adventures Ranked Among Best Places to Work

"On paper it’s just another desk job: spreadsheets, data entry, phone calls with clients. But it sure doesn’t feel that way. Employees shout weekend plans over the cubicle walls as dogs roam the office. An always stocked bar fuels Friday-afternoon Ping-Pong sessions in the lounge."

Travel + Leisure, July 2009
Natural Habitat Adventures Voted as Top Tour Operator & Safari Outfitter

"'Being included on Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best list is a tremendous honor,' said our founder and director Ben Bressler.  'The survey is completed by our travelers, so it really offers kudos to our staff for making Natural Habitat Adventures trips memorable.'"

National Geographic Traveler, May/June 2009
Natural Habitat Adventures' Grizzlies: From Kodiak to Katmai Voted Tour of a Lifetime

"Board a refurbished tugboat headed for Katmai, one of the world's most prolific grizzly bear habitats. The tour includes a jaunt to rarely visited Kodiak Island..."

Travel + Leisure, May 2009
40 Trips To Change Your World: Natural Habitat's New Zealand Heads the List

"Spend two weeks with [Natural Habitat Adventures] in [New Zealand's] rugged, diverse landscape. Led by a seasoned naturalist, search for the elusive Brown Kiwi on Stewart Island and trek to Westland National Park—a World Heritage Area covered by vast icefields."

National Geographic Adventure, February 2009
Natural Habitat Adventures Voted Best Adventure Travel Company

"Ask company founder and director Ben Bressler to sum up NHA's philosophy and he'll quote Einstein: 'Look deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better.' Pristine natural environments are the focus of this outfitter's trips to all seven continents."

National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog, January 2008
Bears + Bulbs = A Bright Idea

"We’ve already got plenty of reasons to like Natural Habitat Adventures, a tour outfitter whose work to offset all of their carbon emissions has made them, according to their claim, the “world’s first carbon neutral travel company.” But we were struck by the amount of effort they put into their mission, even during the off season."

National Geographic Adventure, November 2007
Natural Habitat Antarctic Expedition Voted Best New Trip

"Starting this year, its land-based trips and office operations will be completely carbon neutral (an outfitter first). And in 2008, [Natural] Habitat will offer the first carbon-neutral voyage to Antarctica."

USA Today, November 2007
Polar Bear Watchers Race Against Global Warming

"The so-called bear season in October and November is also the time when 7,500 visitors converge on this Arctic outpost of 1,100 hearty souls to witness the annual migration of the magnificent white behemoths...A number of U.S.-based operators also sell tours, including Natural Habitat Adventures."

New York Times, June 2007
A Passion for Soccer and the Environment: Natural Habitat Adventures' "Kick Global Warming" Carbon Neutral Soccer Team Featured

"The team announced that 'all the carbon emissions produced by the team during their daily events (driving, cooking, etc.) are offset by modes of carbon reduction (reforestation, solar power, wind power, etc.).' The new campaign was the idea of Ben Bressler..."

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Voted Best of Travel 2015

Our Base Camp Greenland trip is named Best Splurge by Outside magazine!

In the News

CNN recently joined Natural Habitat’s Polar Bear Photo Tour! Click here to watch.
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