Arctic Bear Productions gave us goose bumps with this stunning perspective of a polar bear family’s journey in search of sea ice. The video was shot 100% on the GoPro HD HERO3+® camera allowing for extraordinary visuals and a new lens with which to observe the “Kings of the Arctic.”

This film was made possible by the non-profit organization, the Arctic Exploration Fund, supported by Arctic Bear Productions, as well as support from both World Wildlife Fund and Rolex watches in cooperation with the US Geological Survey. The mission of the fund is to, “…arm wild animals around the world, with groundbreaking new cameras, who go out and gather multiple hours of footage from their own lives…in order to establish a new natural history archive filmed entirely by the animals themselves.”

Not only is this footage beautiful, it gives a powerful visual message about how each year it gets harder and harder for polar bears to find sea ice.

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