The Galapagos!

An opportunity of a lifetime…

Consider this: As the world’s preeminent nature travel company, one out of every five guests who travel with us go to the Galapagos. And we understand why: It is a place of magical beauty, where time stands still and humans can experience nature in its most unique and exceptional fashion. It is undeniably a special place, the likes of which are found nowhere else on earth.

 There has never been—and there will likely never be—a better chance to participate in our unique brand of luxury, small-group exploration of the Galapagos than right now! In consideration of our exclusive Economic Climate Change Stimulus Plan, we have selected three special departures that will provide you with:

Aboard the Nina

Your private balcony on the Nina

  • All the comforts of wonderful private yacht accommodations
  • The islands’ very best Expedition Leaders (hey, that’s what we’re known for!)
  • A unique itinerary that exclusively takes our guests to remote areas
  • The highest staff-to-guest ratio in the islands

And here’s an added incentive: If you book by December 31, 2009, you will receive a one-time-only $750 gift certificate on these three departures:

Nice kicks! A blue-footed boobie bird in the Galapagos

Nice kicks! A blue-footed boobie bird in the Galapagos

Without a doubt, the Galapagos are a nature traveler’s dream destination, and we are confident that you’ll have a truly amazing experience. You can also rest assured that by traveling with us, you’ll be supporting the continued conservation of these otherworldly and primordial islands.  Call us at 1-800-543-8917 to find out all the details.

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