The High Arctic is a photographer’s dream.

Part of the fun of updating the NHA website is browsing through our photo archives and slideshows. The incredible northern lights image above is from our Polar Bear Photo Tour adventure.  Arctic pastels paint a world that is alternatingly frigid and warm, with soft hues washing over a vast and epic landscape.

Along with all the natural wonders, the Arctic is awash in history as well. One of the more interesting Arctic sidenotes that is happening right now is the 2009 Finding Franklin Expedition. Using modern day equipment, scientists are hoping to uncover the final resting place of the two British ships under Sir John Franklin’s command, the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus. Franklin is endeared to the public not only for his British grit and attitude but also for the fierce loyalty and dedication of his widow, Lady Franklin. Locating the ships’ final resting spots would help shed light on a mystery that is only partially understood, even with more than 150 years between Franklin’s assumed death in 1847.

Those interested in the facinating history of the Arctic should check out Pierre Berton’s highly readable summary of the golden age of Arctic exploration, The Arctic Grail. It’s amazing to ponder the trials and tribulations that men have endured in the land of the great white bear…