“Early in the morning, we came upon a mother tiger and her two precious three-month-old cubs bonding together out in the open. Mother tiger was licking her two cubs and clearly loving them. It was a privilege and an honor to sit quietly observing this behavior. Eventually, the tigers got up and walked into the woods.

At that time, from way across the field, came the father tiger. He was calling to them repeatedly and followed their scent up into the woods. We were able to watch him come close and walk by the front of our safari vehicle and then disappear into the woods. His call to his family was incredible to listen to over and over, even past where we could see him! What an experience of a lifetime!!”

— K. Hammons | India’s Tigers & Wildlife: A Photo Safari | Agra & the Taj Mahal—Photo Tour Extension | April 2017

Wild tiger mother and cubs in India

Nature travelers on an India safari

Wild male tiger on the prowl in India

A couple posing at a crowd-free Taj Mahal in India

Wild owl in India

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