By Nat Hab Traveler Margaret Yang | Classic Polar Bear Adventure

I absolutely loved the process of looking for polar bears in the snow. I would sit next to our Polar Rover driver, Bill, and work really hard to look for bears in complete whiteness. I got so excited every time I thought I found a bear, but most of the time, they all turned out to be rocks or leaves in the storm.

When I did finally spot a bear, I pointed it out to all of the other guests on the rover. It felt so rewarding to see everyone rushing to the windows to take pictures and to see the excitement on everyone’s faces! As difficult as it was for me to spot bears without Bill’s help, being able to share this experience my husband, the person I love the most in my entire life, was absolutely amazing!



Polar bear stretching

Polar bears scavenging



Polar bear pawing at a crow

All photos and videos © Margaret Yang