A New Zealand Travel Tale brought to you by Valerie Wimberley, Air Travel Specialist at Nat Hab

There are many reasons people travel to New Zealand.  It is a stunningly beautiful country with soaring mountains, gorgeous beaches, and lush rain forests, but one of the most fascinating aspects of my recent trip there was the opportunity to spend time on a working sheep farm watching the border collies do their work.

I have lived with border collies in my home for many years and it was only after spending time with these dogs doing what they are wired to do that I actually began to fully understand the behavior of my own dogs.

We often refer to my dog Josie as the police dog because of her black and white coloring and because she is forever intervening when one of our other pets is into mischief, snapping at them when they are being scolded.  She herds the other dog off the bed where she knows he is not supposed to be, and she continually herds the cat away from our affections.  She refuses to walk in a straight line and insists on a zig-zag pattern whenever we take her on a walk.

These were the exact traits I witnessed in the working dogs of New Zealand—running furiously and enthusiastically in their zig-zag pattern and snapping at the heels of the poor, confused sheep.  They were clearly passionate and dedicated.  They displayed a strong need to get the job done and please their owner, always confident and in charge.

Border Collie
The intelligence of these dogs is unquestionable, and it’s why I find them so amazing and why many people find them to be difficult pets.  Once you’ve had a collie, though, you will always want a collie.  They are truly brilliant and beautiful animals!

Not to discount the stunning beauty of everything else we saw though, here are a few of my favorite photos of the other spectacular highlights of our trip:

Crown Range Mountains, New Zealand

Mountains in the Crown Range

Dusky dolphins, Kaikoura, New Zealand

Marine Life – Dusky dolphins at Kaikoura

Westland National Park, Rainforets, New Zealand

Rain forest of Westland National Park

New Zealand has so much to offer.  It is a destination no nature lover should miss!

And here’s one of my girl at work in Colorado…

Border collie with frisbee

She takes her job of catching Frisbees very seriously!