For several years, Natural Habitat Adventures has been partners with Explorers’ Corner, a unique active adventure travel company that explores some of the earth’s wildest and most interesting places. We are excited to announce the merger of Explorers’ Corner to create Natural Habitat Expeditions, opening up a whole new slate of kayaking, hiking, sailing and snorkeling adventures for nature lovers. Read more about this exciting development from renowned global explorer Olaf Malver, NHEX’s new CEO – Chief Exploratory Officer!

Dear Adventurer,

Always ready for the next great adventure, I’ve just moved to the Republic of Georgia with my family. (Yes, the country, not the state next door to Alabama). My wife, Eka, is Georgian, and we are thrilled to be able to raise our two young children in her homeland.

It’s a big move, to be sure. But as most of you well know, if you don’t dare to try something new, you don’t learn nearly as much. And isn’t that journey of discovery what life — and in particular, adventure travel — is all about?

I’ve spent much of my life exploring the farthest corners of the planet with avid travelers. After a previous career in science and engineering and working with the UN while running adventure trips “on the side,” I started Explorers’ Corner at the age of 49. Never one to believe that aging means slowing down, it was my dream to fill a niche for true adventure travel — to provide expeditions for travelers whose thirst for authenticity and exhilaration surpassed standard group tour offerings.

Now, I’m excited to share some news that will not only allow me to spend more time with my family here in Georgia’s “Mountains of Poetry,” where we’ve recently begun growing wine grapes and hazelnuts, but which will also get me out of the office and back to exploring more of the world with you!

I’m merging Explorers’ Corner with our longtime partner, Natural Habitat Adventures, to create Natural Habitat Expeditions — a cooperative collection of nature-based journeys to some of the world’s most pristine and thrilling destinations. We’ve carried over our most successful trips and plan to add new ones in the future — the spirit of Explorers’ Corner continues, just under a new banner and with some of the best resources in the adventure travel industry.

Bearing the Explorers’ Corner hallmark, Natural Habitat Expeditions offer unique encounters with nature and culture you just won’t find anywhere else: Camp on the edge of the ice cap on the Greenland coast; cruise the Antarctic Peninsula aboard our private sailboat; paddle Portugal’s romantic River of Wine by day and stay at historic vineyard estates each night. We go to exceptional lengths to craft experiences that will shape your life forever.

I’ll still be reachable for questions and consultation, though I’ll now spend most of my days arranging and guiding some of the world’s most innovative frontier travel adventures…Oh, and keeping my kids out of the vineyard!

So, please welcome this new phase — Natural Habitat Expeditions — and join us for more extraordinary journeys of discovery.

Never Stop Exploring!


P.S. Check out the full, varied slate of Natural Habitat Expeditions on our website, and start planning your next grand adventure!