While exploring the wilderness of Costa Rica, a small group of nature travelers enjoyed the wondrous experience of being surrounded by Pacific green sea turtle hatchlings making their way to the ocean for the first time.

Nat Hab Editorial Director Wendy Redal is accompanying seven Nat Hab travelers on their Costa Rica nature adventure and recorded the following video during this once-in-a-lifetime event:

Endangered Green Sea Turtles at a Secluded Beach in Tiskita Biological Reserve

Wendy and her fellow adventurers are staying at Tiskita Jungle Lodge, the only accommodation in the remote Tiskita Biological Reserve, a private rain forest conservation area on the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica, near the border of Panama. The lodge’s hilltop cabins are within walking distance of the secluded beach where the group was invited to witness the 85 baby turtles crawling out toward the sea. Surrounded by pristine rain forest and deserted beaches, Tiskita offers an escape from the usual tourist track in Costa Rica.

This rare opportunity to watch these baby green sea turtles’ extraordinary journey was made possible by a local village conservation project that the owners of Tiskita Jungle Lodge began about 10 years ago. As Wendy notes, watching 3-inch-long baby sea turtles journey out into the vast ocean in the midst of a warm Costa Rican rainfall is “a little miracle.”

Pura Vida!

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Deserted Beaches in Costa Rica

Photo © Becky Pahl