Stories about our nation’s wolves always arouse passion and garner lively debate. ©Paul Brown

Other than climate change, there may be no other environmental topic that arouses more passions or garners livelier debate than our nation’s wild wolves. A recent Good Nature post is a case in point.

Both topics deserve our thoughtful consideration and the voicing of our personal opinions, careful judgments and real-world solutions. So when I read a news story this week about a Michigan legislator who admitted that he had lied about the sighting of gray wolves outside a day care center in order to convince Congress to strip the animals of endangered species protections, I knew that Good Nature readers would want to weigh in.

Read the story here. Then, let’s continue the conversation about wolves and wildlife started on Good Nature on November 5, with a companion piece on November 12.

As humans encroach more and more on wolf and bear territory, how much of what is reported about our large, native carnivores can be trusted?

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,


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