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A Rare Adventure is Popping Up: Get Closer to Remote Wilderness with Base Camp Itineraries

From Greenland to Tanzania, Natural Habitat Adventures' travelers are opting for unique experiences in the world’s most isolated destinations

Boulder, CO, July 24, 2018:
As technology shrinks our planet and its farthest reaches become more accessible, ecotourism leader Natural Habitat Adventures has seen a significant rise in travelers looking to escape the crowds and experience remote wilderness with a touch of luxury. For anyone with a taste for adventure, Base Camp itineraries offer a rare immersion into these pristine environments without worrying about desecrating local ecosystems and cultures in their wake. Pop up somewhere new in a luxurious, sustainable, and far-flung corner of the earth and leave without a trace.

GREENLANDBase Camp Greenland
There’s no better way to experience one of the most isolated places on Earth than from the only “luxury” base camp in Greenland. Natural Habitat Adventures’ Arctic expedition camp offers unexpected creature comforts including hot showers and gourmet meals and is situated near the edge of mighty Sermilik Fjord granting an eye-level vantage point on huge icebergs, whales and seals in the frigid waters, and access to some of the best hiking and kayaking in the North.

BAJA, MEXICOBase Camp Baja Mexico
Every winter, hundreds of Pacific gray whales return to their traditional breeding and birthing grounds in sheltered San Ignacio Lagoon on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Natural Habitat Adventures’ private whale camp lies within the protected confines of El Vizcaino UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. With lodgings located on a quiet stretch of shoreline right on the lagoon’s edge, enjoy the closest possible proximity for multiple skiff excursions offering eye-level encounters with these gentle giants.

KENYABase Camp Maasai Mara Kenya
Witnessing East Africa’s Great Migration is on any safari aficionado's bucket list. Each year, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra traverse the Maasai Mara, followed by predators in a stealthy pursuit. Natural Habitat Adventures’ private luxury mobile camps are designed to place wildlife lovers in the heart of the action. After a day on safari, sip sundowners and exchange stories around the crackling campfire under a sky full of glittering stars.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARKBase Camp Yellowstone Country Safari America
From staying in cabins on the outskirts of the national park to two nights at Natural Habitat Adventures’ luxury tented camp in the solitude of Big Sky, discover all the wonders of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The region’s volcanic geology is legendary, erupting with geysers, simmering paint pots and steaming mineral springs in psychedelic colors. A profusion of wildlife traverses the open range and montane forest in the largest interaction of megafauna found in the contiguous United States.

TANZANIABase Camp Serengeti Tanzania
On Africa's Great Plains, Natural Habitat Adventures’ mobile camp is a tiny island in a vast, grassy sea. But adventurers won’t find themselves alone in the wilderness: the camp sits among thousands of wildebeest and the zebra and gazelle that trail them. Unlike other safaris based at larger accommodations nowhere near the migration, witness one of the world’s truly epic wildlife events from the smallest luxury bush camps located in remote spots where wildlife concentrations are greatest.
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