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Sea Spirit: Classic Antarctica

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The remarkably comfortable Sea Spirit offers up amenities such as a hot tub, library, game room, gym, elevator, multi-purpose presentation room with state-of-the-art equipment, and satellite telephone access in every cabin. There are six 350-square-foot suites, in addition to 57 cabins, all with exterior views and lounge areas and a ratio of 94 crew to 120 guests to provide the comforts of home and an excellent standard of quality and service throughout each expedition. This luxury vessel is approved for polar waters and is equipped with stabilizers for a smooth ride as well as rubber inflatable boats called RIBs for shore transfers and cruising.

2014/2015 Itinerary, Dates & Fees

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Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent

This expedition offers the perfect chance to discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula, the last continent’s most northern region. You’ll be delighted by penguins, seals and whales as they accompany you on your journey along the Antarctic coastline. Landing on the continent itself is a memorable highlight, where you’ll explore the iconic sights that make this one of the world’s most pristine, exotic and unforgettable natural environments.

Across the Antarctic Circle: Voyage to the 7th Continent

Antarctic Peninsula adventure travel offers the ideal introduction to the Great White Continent—truly, the trip of a lifetime. Join naturalists on deck to watch for whales and seabirds as you cross the legendary Drake Passage. Become one of the privileged few who have set foot on Antarctica, where you are greeted by huge colonies of photogenic penguins. Search for seals and whales during expeditionary Zodiac cruises and enjoy awe-inspiring scenery as you trace rugged shorelines. Photographers will delight in the long hours of daylight that illuminate an endless variety of subjects, from glittering glaciers and electric-blue icebergs to impeccably-attired penguins, on this Antarctic Peninsula expedition.