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National Geographic Explorer

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Greenland & the Canadian Arctic

The newly renovated National Geographic Explorer is an ice-class polar expedition vessel accommodating 148 guests in 81 outside cabins, all with windows or portholes, en suite facilities and individual climate controls. The ship is fully stabilized, enabling it to navigate polar passages in exceptional comfort. It has been freshly redesigned with the addition of the most innovative tools for polar and undersea exploration, as well as expedition cruising destinations worldwide. Such features include Zodiacs, kayaks, hydrophones, underwater HD cameras and a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV). The Explorer also includes two restaurants, a lounge and bar, library, observation lounge, spa, fitness center and sauna. A mud room with lockers provides storage for guests’ expedition gear. Meals are served in single seatings with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling. A diverse menu features a wide variety of international favorites, with local flair.

2015 Itineraries, Dates, & Fees

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Along the Viking Trail: From Iceland to Greenland

How heroic were the earlier transatlantic voyages by Columbus’ predecessors: the Viking explorers? We follow in the wake of these fearless explorers and colonists to discover the dramatic landscapes and rich traditions of Greenland and Iceland––in particular, Iceland’s untrammeled western coast––and visit Greenland's fascinating Viking sites and settlements, each set against edenic backdrops.

Exploring Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic

Venture deep into the far northern reaches of the Arctic, on a quest for arctic wildlife and the magisterial scenery of the ice––occurring at an epic scale in Greenland. And to share the experience of explorers from ancient to modern, goaded by the desire to discover the Northwest Passage.

Epic 80N: Exploring Greenland, Baffin & Ellesmere Islands

Experience unbridled 21st-century exploration, as we venture to new frontiers deep into the far reaches of the ice to Zodiac cruise, kayak, and hike the tundra. Follow in the wake of legendary explorers and hear their dramatic stories as we explore Lancaster Sound, the gateway to the Northwest Passage. Trace the rugged fjords of rarely explored Northwest Greenland to the massive ice cap, spotting arctic wildlife and marveling at hardy Inuit communities. Glide between soaring icebergs at the mouth of Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site.